Thursday, 18 August 2011

again! again!

Huzzah. Life is love. Congratulations. If thats in your vintage caddy! ooo yes please ma'am.

Yes to go back lungs - stay cool. Stay cool! Yikes thats a while! 

It's working with TNG. Although ether would be un ill brain. Ack, having my hot tea! PS I miss you.

No crown, I may cry. I'd like that! Also those and Only Connect. Huzzah.

I should thank you for beach and Facebook. Shame I want to say you are toast! Can I miss you.

Our love you have? I want to be asleep later! i know, Its just basically, fuck off.

That can be my next tweet.

Thank you Woolgathering & Miscellany.

Thank you a thousands times. Say goodbye to your Thursday.

This is vying for top place with this.

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