Monday, 25 July 2011

yay for ny

I've had a lovely busy weekend celebrating with my lovelies at the wedding of a even lovelier. I really want to tell you about it because something really magical happened. However, not today.

Today is to celebrate the love in New York. Huzzah for the new marriages allowed (I don't like to call them gay marriages because why is their any need for the distinction?) Love and thus marriage is not a choice, it is a right. At last NY, at last.

Have you seen the pictures?

Warm my cockles. You* can tell me that marriage is just a piece of paper but can you not see from their smiles, their hugs and their love that it is so very, very not. It is so much more.

I hate to be the conservative lady (although I do tend to be when talking to single friends to not emphasise the joy that is love) but marriage is simply wonderful. There is not a feeling like it.

So to those men and women who were able to get married on Saturday, yay! I'm so bloody happy for you.

Look, look at the love!

The chaps have been together for 51 years. If that does not make you a little teary - I'm not sure what will.
Congratulations and Huzzah!

*I'm not entirely sure who be you, perhaps the rather pathetic pseudo intellectuals I recently met.


  1. Those two dudes just made my eyes filled with tears. 51 years together deserves to be celebrated regardless but how fabulous that they finally got to do it legally. Totally warmed the cockles of my heart.

  2. can't wait to hear more about you lovely weekend!

  3. it is truly a beautiful thing....x


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