Thursday, 14 July 2011

to tattoo or not to tattoo?

Try saying that 10 times quickly.

For me I fear I will always stay on the not side. I just cannot think where I would have something so permanent? Although I am increasingly enthralled by white ink and the watercolour genius of Amanda Wachob. Just look at that magnolia (although I love her more abstract work too).

However until I develop some actual balls actual ink is far too scary. So what's the alternative.

Now I'm pretty sure these have been all around the interwebs but just in case!

Now you can enjoy the hipster of hipster temporary tattoos!
I heart Tattly

$5!!! - Yes please!

Perfect for your wedding day!

Don't you think?

And these have been around for just that little bit longer but I still think are loveerly!
So tempting!

So, would you?


  1. Wow, that flower work is amazing. And the colours! Wham! Gorgeous.

    As for me, I do. It is a pegasus. I love it still, 10 years on...

  2. do it! and keep us posted! love the first images, so lovely

  3. i have white tattoos! and not to be THAT GUY, but i *did* get them YEARS ago when no one even knew you could use white ink.

    i like tattoos, but joe thinks they're trashy and HATES them. he's more passionate about disliking them than i am about liking them, so it's not worth my time or money to get more.

    i've had mine for quite a while, so here's my take: when you get a tattoo, you look in the mirror and think, "wtf did i just do?". then the shock wears off, and you enjoy them. then, you totally forget you have them and when people say, " hey, what does that tattoo on your arm say?", you're reminded for a split second that they're there and then the moment is gone. in other words, they're really not that big a deal.

  4. I am one of the only people in my social circle without tattoos, so I'm stubbornly uninked in some sort of ridiculous individualistic statement! I would love a tattoo, but fear being seduced by something that then becomes trendy. So I'd have to have something abstract (husband has binary tattoo, among others!). You should do it, I think, as Celia says, you'd forget it after a while. Just make sure it means something to you.


  5. I've been contemplating doing one for over 20 years if u can believe! But the fact that I haven't done it yet kinda tells me something. I'm all for them though. And those watercolor ones are FAB!

    Have a great weekend, love! xoxo

  6. I am going through the long, drawn out, expensive and painful process of having some tattoos removed so I would say DON'T DO IT! Unless you are really really really sure.


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