Friday, 22 July 2011

shoes again?

Yeah I'm sure you think I talk about shoes a little too much on here.

Well, actually I'm sure I don't. So Huzzah.

Just saw these on asos (and yes I should buy shares or whatever because I pimp them out so much).

Hello fun times.

thank you asos
Admittedly I'm not crazy about the contrasting sole colour. I always find it a little jarring but I still think they are good. Very good!

Seriously how cute would these look with a wedding dress?!

You know I love a pop of pink on a bride!

Seriously tempted to buy and rock them on a little shoot? Anyone fancy being my photographer. I already have a rather awesome wedding dress!

pma I have a wonderful husband who is very awesome and loves me very very much. Check out how much at 3pm!


  1. I completely love the amount of shoe on this blog!
    These are super cute! great find

  2. I actually think these are a great option for grooms. My theory is, if brides are breaking tradition, so are the guys


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