Monday, 18 July 2011


As part of anna gets better month/year/decade? I have decided to be nice to myself.

Well nice to myself once a day.

A positive mental anna, if you will.

So today, perhaps I should choose something epic to make this wondrous day?

Now that wouldn't be very me, would it?!

Hence my inaugural pma,

"I like how my eyes change colour depending upon and I love them when they look so very very blue."

Does anyone fancy joining me on this voyage of loveliness?


  1. I'm trying to have a pma (or pml??) since I think my contract won't be renewed after August, so on the job hunt...again!.
    So mine today is, "I like my smile, it's big and grin-like"

  2. I love this! I actually sketched up a flowchart for Carson to make pretty in photoshop that I can put on my wall that re-directs me to positive thoughts instead of negative ones. Excited!

  3. Lovely!

    Mine is, "I like how I am a good friend to those in need."

    I nursed a sick coworker/friend during my lunch break today.

  4. I recently (as in last week) decided/ discovered that hating myself was pointless and really quite counter-productive (among other things!). Then I came across this post by Gala Darling - it's seriously awesome! And helps when you're at a loss as to how exactly you can.. you know.. like yourself.

    definitely worth the read


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