Saturday, 2 July 2011

my bunny gets her beagle.

Now. I've never had a bunny, not even a little stuffed one. Well that's not entirely true, I didn't have a bunny until I found my place on the interwebs. Then I found my Bunny who had already found her wonderful Beagle.

This bunny has been with me through some seriously tough times and though we are parted by an ocean I care for her with all my heart. (Please know I care, my sweet.) I just wish I could be there in Chicago right now. 

I am so excited for her to become Mrs Beagle, Mrs Beagle-Bunny or perhaps Ms Bunny. Whichever her beautiful heart desires.

Have a wonderful weekend of love and joy. I will be raising a glass of bubbly to my lips (even if it is rather early in the morning).

I am sending so many kisses! You are going to look unbelievably delicious, stunning but above all, like you. All my love, Anna x


  1. Congrats to the lovely couple!

    Thanks for your sweet comments. The weekend was tough and only got tougher but I am hoping (And pushing) for things to change soon!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. :) HUGE YAYS for Bunny & Beagle.

  3. You are too sweet. You were there in spirit. Thank you!


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