Tuesday, 26 July 2011

i am a little nervous

Today is a scary day.

For today is the day I start my group therapy.

I'm not sure if this is bad form - akin to uttering the word Macbeth to a thespian - but if you could wish me luck that would be very much appreciated.

I must say I am "with trepidation" and a smidgen of cynicism. I am slightly worried that tomorrow I shall be entering a room full of crying women. I already know that is not the case (entirely). There is to be some meditation and as much or as little talk as I want. Indeed I had to be vetted to see if I were an appropriate candidate. That was rather intimidating experience.

Obviously I shan't be able to talk about specifics here. Confidentiality is key. A safe place. This is something I am very much looking forward. Apart from here, I have spoken very little about myself and my issues so I am hoping this will be a rather cathartic experience.

P.S. Sorry for all the anna talk of late. (I would like to talk about weddings more, and even my own but there is still a little too much regret at my own). I'm getting there.

p.m.a. - I wear some hats rather well. I particularly love this one. I very much suit a veil. 

My eyes look huge! (They are not!) This is one of the best pictures of me ever. (Note to self - always attempt to have pose like this!)
P.S. Bean is not already drunk we are still at church!


  1. Good luck for today Anna. Phfft and don't even apologise for the Anna talk, when you write about you, we all get to know you a little better and I like that. x P.S very cute photo

  2. My thoughts are with you. Your so brave! I hope it helps and the people are lovely.

    Awesome photo by the way I also have photos like this that I love but can't for the life of me remember how I was posing when they were taken.

    Finally very jealous that you can rock a hat when I look silly in them...

    Love to you xxxx

  3. That is an adorable picture!!

    Fingers crossed for you today. (Also, what Just L said.)

  4. Only just read this (computer's been down, bah humbug), but hope it went OK, and helped a little xxx

  5. that is a completely lovely photo of you, anna. i love the hat, i don't know ANYONE who could pull that off.

  6. Would love to hear about the group therapy experience. Great photo too, the veil!x

  7. Good luck in group therapy. I think it's great and I really hope it helps. Sending hugs.

  8. Emerging from lurkerdom to wish you good luck in group therapy, I found it so helpful xxx

  9. Wishing you the very best!

    Also, you look fab in the hat.

  10. Good luck, darling! I hope it all goes well.

    And can I just say that the two of you look fabulous. Your eyes do look huge and GORGEOUS! :) xoxo

  11. How did I miss this post? Hope the therapy went well.

    You look gorg in the photo btw! I am now wondering if I could carry off a hat like that....

  12. Lovely pic of you my dear (great hat!)... hope it all went well x

  13. Hope it went well...and yes, that is a f-ing fantastic picture of you. Wish I could wear a hat so well.

  14. Wow Anna - you look beautiful!

    Good luck my lovely xoxo

  15. Good luck! I did a year of experiential group therapy a part of my training, and found even that 'pretend' therapy to be amazing. Proper therapy is scary though (I'm currently having individual) - but really, really helps. All the best with it. xx


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