Monday, 18 July 2011

honeymoon shoes

I am yet to honeymoon. A combination of lack of funds and the fact we took two weeks to actually get married and then get home (bloody snowpocalypse).

However, wherever I do go on honeymoon. (Including the possibility of pony trekking in Patagonia - why Bean, why?) I will want to be wearing these bad boys. I have lusted of these for many a year - perhaps as many as four and have seen the price rise and rise.

Yet, they are now on sale for £39.* Eeekables. Sadly, I do not really have £39 to spend on anything leave along  shoes. How a girl like me feels dirty to say that. Shoes I feel I have betrayed you.

Hello Dune Hobarts

So now I only need 39 reasons to buy myself so apparently rather comfy wonderful shoes.

Can we get to 39 comments on this is little post? To help me?

Ok. maybe 38. I shall start.

1. Because they are so cute.

*Please don't all buy out the size 37s!


  1. Abi Lady HarHar18 July 2011 at 15:00

    I too have been hankering for these beauties for YEARS... now planning a wedding so will have to wait for another time!

  2. How I wish I could buy these for you! However, you should efinitely buy them because in 10 years time you won't be thinking 'I am so glad I didn't spend £39 on that pair of shoes' you'll come across a photo of this summer, you wearing these shoes, and you'll smile. lots and lots.

    Tarah x

  3. So it might not count because it's a repeat but I definitely agree with what Tarah said about 10 years from now. And if you've been looking at them for so long this can definitely not be considered an impulse purchase and thus not one that you're likely to regret later. Yayy cute shoes!

  4. Do it! Those baubly bits are fab.

  5. You'd spend more than that on a night out! Don't let them be the ones that got away...

  6. I'm just off out and fancy treating myself. Dunna worry love, I'm a 39.



  7. I may have bought them. Huzzah. On sale too. Double Huzzah!


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