Tuesday, 12 July 2011

the future and the new website

So I rather jumped in with both feet and sort of announced my intentions for my new website upon the world that is twitter. I perhaps should have put a little more thought into my strategy but well yikes!

I don't want to reveal too much just now. However I am very excited. I'm hoping it for a fresh "anna" take on the wedding world but still with a penchant for prettiness and very much with real people in mind. There will also be some yummy thought provoking seriousness.

I very much dislike comparisons - you know what I mean. The Bourne Identity meets Aladdin or Topshop meets Lanvin and the like. So I shall leave you to think about the type of site I may offer!! Any thoughts?!

As you may have guessed from these pages I have a preferred design aesthetic. I would still say I am of the shabby chic luxe ilk. I find perfection somewhat disconcerting. If you have read any of my increasingly old posts about shoes, diy and general prettiness you will understand my views towards certain aspects of the wedding world.

I would love to feature and right lovely things about (but not exclusively - I have a few other ideas up my sleeve)

Real weddings - not just photographs but the feelings and fears.
Styled photoshoots - with thoughts on how to create these ideas in real life.
Photographers - because I think it is important to know a little something about one of the most important people at your wedding.
Accessories - I tried to source some very different and special items for my wedding and want to show brides there are more choices than just Tiffany.
Shoes - I adore shoes - I like to talk about shoes - are you my new favourite person?
Stationery - Oh swoon, I am a paper whore and like to think there are many of you out there are too.
Florists - one of my favourite aspects of planning. Just thinking about the smell makes me smile. I want that for every other bride.
Designers - I had my own dress made for me - I want to hear about the dress talent that is out there.
DIY - do you have a crazy fabulous idea which may just work? Let me know!
and Take One Dress - if you have been following me for a while you will know I like to help a girl out! 

Do you think you have something to offer me?  Please drop me a line at annaandtheringlondon at gmail.com. I would very much love to hear from you.

More importantly for my financial sanity, 
I would love to take on a small number of select advertisers for whom I will write glowing words and have small but prominent banners displayed. I will be writing said words because I will believe in what they are offering and know they offer (in my humble opinion) either the best in their field or are up and coming and do deserve a break (and will be huge in the future!).

anna and the ring, has a great following (seriously I am constantly amazed by my readers) but this little no, big venture will be all new and sparkly and so I will not be charging huge amounts. I want to entice big and little names. It's about a community not a clique.

I am excited. I really hope that you will be too. I believe in the power of words. I really want you to join me. 
{I promise it's not a cult!}

Let me know. You know. As always you can find me at annaandtheringlondon at gmail.com. 

P.S. You can also now find me on Google + - so just look me up already!

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  1. I still stalk you. And I still love you. If you need me, shoot me an email! The new webbie sounds wonderful!


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