Thursday, 2 June 2011

things i had forgotten i had learnt.

Just so that I don't forget again. Feel free not to read! Maybe I should get a diary? Although please do read the last paragraph!

1. Being yellow = high bilirubin. Or in my case a very high bilirubin (rather embarrassingly high) = itchiness. Oh the itchiness.
2. Stupid brain sometimes forgets that despite not drinking very much you need to go to the loo a lot. Oh yeah, I'm being given 3 litres a day through my drip. D'oh!
3. Cyclizine, gentamicin and morphine are not nice when injected. Wowzers.
4. Tiredness can make me cry. Pain not so much.
5. Nurses can be very nice, HCAs can be even nicer. (Thank you Philippines for producing such wonders!)
6. Midazolam is potent amnesiac inducing drug. Well potent may be the wrong word but it was shockingly effective on me.
7. Codeine may be a weak opioid but by jingo it made me feel "floopy" and blind.
7. Double beds are fabulous. Sadly Bean they are even more fabulous when you are sleeping in another one. (I was in a lot of pain!) I am glad you are back now.

Finally about the karma. I really meant it when I said I need needed to do some good deeds. I'm not all that strong at the moment so would be relatively useless at heavy lifting but I can offer my "brain" and/or heart. No deed too small. I am deadly serious. Karma can be very effective and I really need to fill up on the good stuff again!


  1. In recovery and all ready you want to do good for other people! Bless you on your karma building mission just glad that you are on the mend sweets. The digital world has missed you!

  2. oh man...i'm with amma! you are too kind!

  3. Hi Anna

    Hope you're on the mend now. I'm fairly new to your blog but I've really enjoyed reading the entries in the run up to your wedding.

    If you're up for it, I have a research question? I need to know if shirts with cufflink holes are available in smaller sizes. I need one for my brother for our wedding but he's incredibly skinny and I'm not sure I'll find one in his size. Any ideas?


    Laura x

  4. how sweet are you?! you're not even fully recovered and you want to help others! that in itself is getting you tons of good karma!


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