Wednesday, 1 June 2011

oh check me out!

Somehow I managed to find myself on the quintessentially "cool"* blog East Side Bride yesterday. Bless her heart she thought our wedding pictures are, and I quote, "some of the more adorable wedding photos I've run across EVER."

Oh the validation is warming! (Although I am perfectly aware that it is mostly because of Emma.)

Perhaps you'd like to check it out? Find the post here.

*Hmm cool is most definitely the wrong word because she is far too good for a simple cool.

P.S. Thank you lovely Peonies for leading ESB to the wondrous Sophie, our delicious florist - I Heart Flowers and thus to me! (I am a lucky girl!)


  1. Anna you are too cool for words and I LOVE you! Take that! X

  2. Girl, those photos ARE adorable.

  3. To me, you eminently cool. And now ESB agrees, so you HAVE to believe it, right?

  4. i saw that and she was right on the money! your wedding was bitchingly awesome, anna!

  5. Wicked pictures.

    PS Your skin is porcelain. You rotter. Not really. But seriously, how did you do that? I think I'm going to be a red-faced sweaty mess on the big day. Boo...


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