Friday, 3 June 2011

i have a cunning plan

You may have noticed that I am yet to really talk about "the wedding." A long six months has just passed and I am no closer to starting these posts. My first thought is to just forget about it and move this little blog on or maybe just allow it to shuffle of it's mortal coil* and fall off the radar into delicious anonymity once again. 

However, my father said something to me recently which resonated with my sad little heart.**

And I quote - although perhaps not verbatim.

"I wasn't really sure what to expect from the wedding. I didn't really know what was going to happen. Well apart from you getting married. But I had a really wonderful weekend. One that I will remember and tell tales about for many years to come. It was certainly memorable."

Now coming from my rather unemotional father (I want to write a(n)-emotional - he does seem awfully like a robot at times) was a revelation. I realised that perhaps the wedding was actually rather good and if nothing else it was certainly memorable and by jingo we did actually get married. I know that at least 3 brides in the same area could not make it to their nuptials on that day. Oh the snow.

So what is my cunning plan? I am going to write about the wedding but I am going to do it in a slightly different way from usual. However there will be two stories. The first story will be a slightly rose tinted spectacled*** view of how I think most people felt about the wedding day. Indeed up until a certain point I very much enjoyed my day and then after a certain point I very much loved my day. T'was just a little bit in between that was a little, how should I put this?, "odd."  Hmm yes, odd. I shall include extra posts about my favourite "helpers" and vendors because some of them are simply amazog. I won't shy away from the problems but I shall be positive. I think when I eventually complete an album of the day, these will be the words I shall use to accompany them. Oh and of course I hope to get a Bean action. 

The second will be a warts and all review of how the day actually was, not just rainbows and unicorns. A smattering of regrets but also some hints and tips which should be helpful for the future brides who pop on here. I realise that many of you would not all the details of their wedding out in the open. However as I fear the wedding was a slightly like one disaster after another, I hope it may bring a smile to your face. Please learn from my mistakes. Our wedding was certainly not a sacred solemn event. I need to share that!

Oh and this will be interspersed by some very very special guest posts. Posts which should have been posted last year but due to reasons which are too dull to explain never were published. They are magical.

So in an attempt to be positive about the wedding I am going to post my favourite picture of me. Well perhaps my favourite. Well, I like it. I'm not sure it has been on public show before. So be gentle. I still remember the cold. Although I don't remember being particularly cold. Oh the adrenaline of just saying, I do.

So wish me luck. I hope I can write how I truly feel. It is going to be tough. Is there anything in particular you want to hear or see? Ax

*I do believe it is slightly sentient.
**It's not that sad, just a little sad about how the wedding turned out.
***Although perhaps that is a little harsh. Perhaps it is actually just the truth, without my cynical over anna-lytical**** bias.
****I am terribly funny!


  1. Well I can't WAIT to read both sides of the day :-)


    P.S. that photo is GORGEOUS

  2. Wit-woo!!! Check you out you smokin' hot bag of lovin! Looking forward to reading about your day, forwards and back, from both sides of the coin. Just remember that hindsight is a very powerful tool! x

  3. The good parts and the hard parts are very important to read about. No wedding is 100% disaster free, and it's good that you are honest about that. I am very looking forward to reading your reflections.

  4. That sounds like a WONDERFUL plan. Oh, and you know how GORGEOUS you look, right?! X

  5. So sweet what your Dad said. I'd really love to hear all about it. Also, that picture is so YOU! Love it.

  6. I'm glad you're better and blogging. I twatted (that's the super past tense of tweeted...grin) to you a few times to see if you were feeling better, but I think I kept missing you because of the time change. Anywho...I can't wait for the wedding stories! And what your dad said is so, so sweet! See? We're harder on ourselves than need be.

  7. Glad to see you're back, hope you stay getting better and hurrah for your cunning plan.

  8. I can't wait to hear both your wedding stories lady. xxx

    Ps. You are hot stuff in that picture! From one sexy lady to another :) xx

  9. I have to say I am catching up a bit on my blogging and have to say this picture of you on your big day is fabulous - you look amazing and it sounds like you had a wonderful time. A belated congratulations Mrs!


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