Friday, 17 June 2011

happy father's day

Well this Sunday is Father's Day but I will not get to see my Papa as his is gallivanting in France surprising some very old friends. 

Quite a weird story, they lost touch with said friends when they emigrated to start a cookery school in south west France. If I recall correctly they were my father's flat mates in olden times. 

They had a string of rather successful restaurants in London. Including an amazing vegan one (apparently) in the late 70s. He was not a vegan and so my father relished him coming home with steak every night. 

Rather randomly my mother's best friend who married an Italian* and lives near Florence, yay!, (a sommelier/wine expert/guide) from school and her son (a wine merchant/broker) mentioned that they were attending the wine exhibition in Bordeaux and always stay with the same people and so Mama and Papa should come and join them for a night because they stay in this wonderful hotel. 

They continued to tell them all these weird and wonderful things about the couple, mentioning that they were English and that they had had restaurants in London and all of a sudden the parents were, 

"Are their names Barbara and Tom"** 

"Why yes"

Oh the laughter and disbelief. It really is quite a small world. So the parents are off to surprise their long lost friends. Life is nice.

(Ok maybe not that amazing a story but it's better when you can tell it!)

So as the father was not going to be here I thought I would bake him a cake, well he doesn't love cake but you know I was in a cake baking mood and he's already got his present of an amp or a sub for his hi-fi so all is fine and dandy. (Also yes, I still have got round to buying manly gel food colourings.)

I got this idea after seeing an episode of That Mitchell and Webb Look.

BBC and the like. Yes, i know, a bad link.

So for my daddy. Or Dad really. (I need bigger cake tins!)

I spent quite a long time "auto-cadding" in my brain and then realised I should have just cut the cake vertically instead of horizontally. Yet the secret was fun anyway. I think it looked better in person. It took quite a while to excavate the cake but I think it was worth the effort. Maybe?!

T'was rather yummy apparently, seeing as half of the cake was devoured in one sitting. I very much recommend blackberry buttercream.

Ta da!***

What do you think? I am loving the idea of  more secret messages in cakes.
I think I've got the hang of the lettering now. Next time I'll manage something rather more spectacular!

Would you like one?

*He adores to tease Bean.
** Pseudonyms or maybe just a "The Good Life" mention. How I want to be Margo. Oh Margo.
*** Would be very willing to bake prettier cakes in exchange for someone to try and teach me how to take a decent picture!


  1. Anna, I am so in awe of your cake making skills. And now I really need some cake.
    I wonder if it's too much pressure for the husband if I tell him to take a leaf out of your book when he's baking my birthday cake this year...
    And I love the story of your parents surprising their long-lost friends - I hope it goes well!


  2. How did you do this?? You REALLY need to do a how-to post! I so want to try!


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