Wednesday, 29 June 2011

courage? a quandary.

Yes I am painfully absent. I was meant to have surgery yesterday but things didn't quite pan out as I expected. Bugger. I will now wait.

Anyhoo, I want to get back into writing. I want to get back into writing a lot. I just don't know how. It's so hard after so long.

I want to be back in the world of weddings. I want to inspire and enthuse. I want, I want, I want. Hmm. Perhaps I will is a better choice?

So I feel I owe you some embarrassment. Anna and her Mouse. I also realise I have never spoken about my hen. So here is bad hen photo number 1! I feel we may have been rather tipsy by this point? What do you think?

So laughing enough yet? Yeah, bad but awesome photo! I love it! However don't stop there. I have a little question to ask!

So here is an another quandary for you lovely people.

I've just realised we've had the video recording (by the family) of our wedding for months and we are yet to watch it.  Crumbs. Oh the fear. I have no idea what it will be like.

How on earth do you summon up the courage to watch it? I know I sound terrible on film and well you know I have some issues with how I look.

As Bean's father recorded it (for the most part) I am expecting lots of shots of feet and the odd argument! 

Do you have any words of courage?


  1. This is how I choose to view it. When we're old and gray, are we going to look back on these videos and say, "Oh, look at me. How awful! Goodness gracious, how did I go out in public?". No. We're going to look back and say, "MY GOD. I was SO happy. Look at how young we were, look at that radiant glow. Look at all of our friends and family around us. So much love. So much youth. I had no idea how wonderful I had it."

    It's easy to be hard on ourselves now because we're young, vain, and lacking a significant amount of wisdom that comes with age and living. So for now all I can suggest is to try and take a step out of yourself and focus on the amazing love you have, and how lucky you are to have the life you've been given.

    That's what I try to do at least. :)

  2. Don't watch it. Send it to me, I'll watch it, cry like a baby and then send you a review.

  3. Oh Clogs, you can then just write my wedding for me? (She smiles expectantly!)

    I guess this is as good as I'll get? Now that is depressing.

  4. Love the hen night pic! And on the video, there is always the off button :) Although I'm sure it will be much more wonderful than you expect and you'll hopefully be pleasantly surprised by how many good and happy memories it will remind you of, and how beautiful you look, because you really did look beautiful on your wedding day. Good luck!

  5. I've just discovered the witty wonderland punctuated with genius photos that is your blog and feel the need to chip in here.

    I had my make up trial at the weekend and showed the make up artist a picture of you, saying- I want that look. The perfect, porcelain skin, the fabulous lashes, the softly swept hair.... You looked so beautiful!

    Try to watch your video- settle down with your favourite drink, your lovely husband and try. Even if you do it in 10 second segments! Good luck xx

  6. I like Heather's comment about the 'witty wonderland' that is your blog. Damn straight.

    So, on to the vid. Ditto Heather again. Get a bottle of wine, Bean and a duvet and get stuck in girl!

    Plus no one likes the sound of their voice/look of themselves on camera. It's built into our DNA I think.

  7. At least you have time to muster the courage to watch your wedding video. Me? I got to see it just 2 days after my wedding when we had popped over to my new in-law's home and they had it playing on the laptop. In the kitchen. With my little neice/flower girl "playing bride". With no warning at all. Honestly, it was a funny diversion from being able to seriously absorb the intensity of the wedding itself. That was 1.5 yrs ago. I still don't even have a copy and have never watched it alone or even alone w/ husband. Maybe your first watch could be similar? Make it a bit silly, like a movie viewing party, with popcorn and the whole nine. Force loved ones to come over for a movie night and surprise them all with reliving your wedding all over again. Get all Diva and give out awards. A little diversion never hurt anyone :) have FOREVER to remember the truth of the wedding and the only thing that matters there is how you felt that day -- the commitment you made, how blissfully, crazy insane happy you we and then try to cherish the beauty in the imperfection because, at least to me, that's what makes every one of us unique.


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