Tuesday, 31 May 2011

things i have learnt in the recent past

So you may or may have not noticed my absence over the past few weeks. What can I say I was rather more ill than I thought. Not completely better yet but will get there in a few months.

So what have I learnt?

1. Sometimes assuming you are fine is the wrong assumption. 
2. Sometimes it takes your husband to tell you that you are actually rather unwell.
3. My brain does not work if I am unwell. My IQ drops and I mean well below 2 standard deviations from the mean. Indeed I can be convinced that a cantaloupe is a baby antelope. (Thanks Bean.)
3. Sometimes it takes you turning yellow to realise that yes you probably need to see a doctor.
4. Some nurses are amazing, some are very very not. Yes. I'm mainly talking to you, oh so, lazy casualty sister. Wiped that knowing smile off your face didn't I, with my astronomically bad blood results. You weren't going to let me see a doctor, were you?
5. Having an angry liver necessitating much vitamin K (to stop me bleeding uncontrollably) combined with enforced clexane (to stop me developing a blood clot) makes not for a happy period.
6. Having a cannula in the back of your dominant hand is beyond annoying, oft painful and is rather tear inducing on occasion.
5. Bean felt that he must describe me using the Dulux palette and felt that Lemon Pie fit the bill. However, I fear he did not delve far enough into the colour charts (or his monitor was rubbish) as this delightful Sulphur Springs 3 is far more accurate! Luckily I am far less yellow now. 

6. Coming home is wonderful albeit confusing. Wonderful to have one's own bed and darkness yet I would wake up and be befuddled when I couldn't reach my drip stand.
7. 10 days in hospital is incredibly dull but also an eye opening experience. You really have to keep on asking if you want any information. 
8. Google reader is unstoppable - 5000 unread and counting. I will get there. (Please blame my broken brain.)
9. I missed this. I missed being part of this little community. Will you still have me? I really want to do so much more.

Finally I have used up all my good karma recently. I really need to make up some more good karma. How can I help you out? Seriously, I am due for some really bad karma if I don't do something very good in the near future. Trust me, when I say my good karma did something very naughty and made me far too happy. Help me, help you. Please.

P.S. Although this really isn't a postscript. I just want to thank you all for your kind emails, cards, tweets and general loveliness. It's made the past month almost bearable. Special thanks to the wonderful Emma and Tarah


  1. Oh my gosh! Anna, I'm so happy to hear that you are no longer Lemon Pie or Sulphur Springs 3. We have missed you!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad that you're back and that you're well! Also there is nothing I hate more than the dreaded hand needle (i assume that's what a cannula is) I hate the hand needle more than I've ever hated anything ever before ever. I'm sorry that you had to have one for so long, but hopefully you are all fixed up!

  3. So pleased to hear you are back home - hospitals can be very lonely and bewildering places. Sending you lots of healthy get well wishes. Oh and it doesn't sound like you need to worry about karma - you deserve double good karma after all you've been through! x

    P.S. AND you're on east side bride today - awesomeness!

  4. Have missed your face around this place lady. So glad you are back, but make sure you are properly mended before you throw yourself into anything, please. Can't have you MIA again. x

  5. So sorry that you've been so poorly - but hey, at least yellow's very "in" at the moment, no? Seriously though, I'm glad you're on the mend, and out of hospital, and I hope the recovery process goes smoothly (and quickly).


  6. Get well soon my darling lady, I have been worried about you. Please rest....

    Annabel xXx

  7. Yellow is the new black?? Oh Anna I'm sorry you were so ill and glad to have you back in the web world you are so so so always welcome. Rest up girl!!xxx

  8. we will of course have you! you were missed! please rest up + feel better my dear!

  9. How scary! Glad you're back!

  10. You've been missed. Sending you healthy wishes and thoughts darling! Rest up and feel better soon!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  11. Glad to hear you're on the upswing! I hope you keep resting though--give yourself a break to fully recover before you go taking on too many karma-building projects!

  12. I know yellow is in and all, but *really* Anna. Too far.

    So good to have you back, I was worried xo

  13. You have been missed and I'm so happy to hear you are on the mend. Ten days in the hospital is scary!

    I'm with Becky on the karma-building projects. Take care of yourself. Let others take care of you. Get better, then we'll hit you up! :)

    Kidding. Feel better.

  14. Glad you're out of hosp and hope you feel 100% soon, put those feet up we're all here :D

  15. Oh this is so terrifying! So glad you are at least out of the hospital. Hugs that are gentle and don't involve mussing any lines!


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