Friday, 1 April 2011

tis no fool

9 years ago today, on the day of the fool, 8 fire engines, a giant cherry picker ladder and a mobile command unit came to my house. It was not a good day.

The pictures tell the story.

Bean left the house without shoes, my most treasured book of revision notes was attacked by falling burning  beam,  a lot of "stuff" was destroyed and perhaps most horribly our cat, Tats*, got trapped inside. He did make it out as the firemen finally made it into the house. He was safe on the windowsill in my brother's room. However I'm not sure he was ever the same. He never settled in the rental house. I think he missed his garden and his chair. He passed away a few months later. We all miss you old boy. You were a good cat.

*Still a pseudonym

House fires are a horrible (and potential lethal) thing. Please check your smoke or fire alarm for me. If you happen to live in London the London Fire Brigade may offer you a home visit to help you if you are confused about  your home safety. I'm sure other units across the country and beyond can do the same.

Thank you to fireman of south London. 4 separate fire stations were involved. Thank you for saving my cat.


  1. Oh how awful. The building next door (adjacent) to ours burned down in November and it was awful. Luckily no-one was harmed and the fire service managed to contain it really well (it is in a row of old terraced buildings including the old Deptford library now ArtHouse) but it was a terrifying experience and caused significant damage to our flat which still isn't fixed.

  2. What an awful experience but it is a good thing that you, Bean, and Tats got out. By the way, how is everything post move?
    Have a lovely weekend!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. I'm so sorry Anna. I can't even imagine.

  4. i had no idea.
    i'm so sorry.

  5. Bleh those photos send chills down my spine. So sorry you had to go through that. My family had a similar incident last year and most of the pets didn't make it out. Very sad. Yes - check your alarms.xxxxx

  6. Wow, a lot to take in all at once. The loss must have been so painful. Glad you are all safe and are able to build new memories.

  7. Feel your pain, we had fire here a couple years ago. Worst thing in my whole life. Love you.


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