Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Tarah Coonan

And so to speak about the wondrous Tarah Coonan. This lovely lady offered her services because she recently was shooting a wedding in which the snow caused super chaos leaving the mother of the bride stranded in her car and having to get out and walk. (Another clever couple who will get a "second wedding" although so people could not make it to ours - shall we go for a third?)

I also happen to know she is rather busy organising her own wedding in the milliseconds she has free so she knows and understands about all those little details which you have toiled upon. However, she is most definitely a people photographer. I'm not sure I even noticed her most of the day. She appeared to pop up and capture sweet and intimate moments without anyone noticing. That isn't to say doesn't enjoy directing you for a great shot. She is very happy to "gently" work you into the perfect frame!

Oh and girl knows how to work the lens flare. Even in the pathetic February "sun" I simply adore our outside shots. The way she uses light seems to add a epic flavour to her work. Although perhaps I am biased? Do let me know!

Tarah is talented. She has the eye. She is going to go far. I know that she is already very busy this year but she is still available on a few dates so please do check with her. If she is free you really will not be disappointed. (Do let her know I sent you - that way I can convince her to take me with her when she offers her time to take photographs for the local RSPCA rescue cats' centre.) Tarah Coonan Photography for the win!

Our cute little party invites - do you like? I will explain the little rhyme soon!

Hand piped for your eating pleasure.

Oh Paddington

Love this little shot. 

This is very anna and Bean.

I look dubious but I do love the feel of the shot.

Adore the diptych - this will definitely be one for the album!

 He be lovely.

A beautiful, delightful young lady.


A certain young man became slightly enamoured by a certain couple's twins and I adore another certain gentleman trying to freak out impress his daughter and wife by "Transforming!"

You just do not get fabulous photographs like these by chance. Tarah is truly talented.

Thank you Tarah. Thank you so very much. 


  1. Pretty pretty! Love the giggling shots.

  2. Your photos are divine Anna!! The light is simply wonderful...I cannot sing Tarah praises enough...she was our second shooter at our wedding and a complete joy to have her now lovely Brides to be!!!

  3. BEAUTIFUL! i love the ones of your faces close together! so cute. paddington! ello!

  4. SWOON! Such gorgeous pictures. And a rather dashing bunch of flowers too...

    Yay you got married!

  5. It's scares me how intensely my boyfriend is looking at another person's baby! I really was surprised he didn't try and smuggle them all home with us!

  6. every single shot is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.

  7. Ah the ice gems! They were so lovely (I think I ate a plateful!) Love the pic of you both laughing. Tarah sounds like a photography ninja when you describe her like that! ;)

  8. And more gorgeousness. Oh and I saw a couple of those little babies just last week and my how they have grown already!


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