Friday, 8 April 2011

spade love

Yes, yes. I'm a little late to the Kate Spade party. I've not really mentioned "her" much on the blog before. However, I really kicked myself when I completely missed the pop-up shop when it popped up in London. So when I saw the new wedding selection a few days ago I wanted to pay a little homage.

Perhaps not all for the traditional bride. Although, I personally think these little touches would be hot on any bride. From the elegantly long clutches with there cute little art deco details. Check out those pineapples! As for the Tipsy flat, pink patent leather and linen. Oh my!

How about the wonderfully chintzy tongue in cheek "hello sunshine" sun hat. Perfect the weather we are having right now and perhaps to be the crowning glory of a guest's pretty summery ensemble.

For me the piece de resistance is the "I Married Adventure" clutch. I adore her book clutches. Perhaps my most favourite Kate Spade items. So sweet and so clever.

Yes, I am definitely one for writing on my accessories. It makes me happy. Oh and secret hidden writing. Even better.

Please could we have another pop-up shop? I really promise to come this time? Please. Please very please.

Thank you in advance, Kate Spade!

What do you think? You like? Or too much?


  1. I love everything Kate Spade does, every year I drool over her amazing planners too!


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