Tuesday, 12 April 2011

shoes please

Now you may know I "like"shoes. Hmm, indeed I could link to far too many post relating to shoes. Yes, I may have a slight obsession. But we need shoes, don't we?

Anyways, check out these cuties from Dune of all places. (I can't say I usually adore their wares although I still want these bad boys and have done for approximately 3 years.)

Just look at the colour and the wonderful texture of the corsages. Delicate but almost directional. Perfect for spring? Well certainly cute enough to put a spring in my step. (Forgive me!)

Yes, I feel these little ones will be all over the blog world very soon (I only wish I had seen them last tuesday rather than wednesday - oh scheduled posting!)

Indeed I believe they may be available in black in the near future. Perfect for bridesmaids, dancing or generally everyday.


  1. Oh they are just gorgeous, sweetie! So so lovely! The details are so intricate and the color is so pretty. You really must get them :) xoxo

  2. Love these! Such a soft color, too. Gorgeous!

    PS. Not trying to be a nag, but did you ever get my email? I only ask because I've been having trouble with my gmail, and another email I sent to another blogger did not go through. Grrr...technology!

  3. beautiful, and yes please lol I love them I am a flats girl all the way and these are stunning

  4. Aaah yes! I loved this shoe too, though for me the bride (stuff the birdesmaids), as I am completely averse to heels and want some gorgeous flats I can wear again.

  5. That one in the photo has the perfect color for bridesmaids or even the bride herself if she plans to wear flats under her long gown. That flats, too, can be perfect for any days. I'd love to wear it everyday of my life if I'll have a chance to buy it. :D

  6. OH MY GOSH I might literally have to buy these. If I wear them to my wedding I promise I will send you a picture :D x

  7. I love flats! I can never get enough, especially flowery ones at the time of year!

  8. So pretty! But I'm a practical girl at heart, I can't help thinking about how dirty they would soon look.

  9. Wow such a lovely pair of shoes!It's simply adorable.


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