Monday, 4 April 2011


I don't usually share the wonderful geeky joy that is xkcd but today's was not about smiles, but sadness. It made me almost cry.

So sad.

I hope it doesn't mean anything to anyone but I fear it will.

A little reminder that I have it very good.


  1. I'm going to rant...get ready.

    I don't know if I'll be one of those divorced couples. I assume not, but who the hell knows what will happen in the future, right? But it seems to me that all my married friends/family who are divorced or getting divorced, or even my long term dating friends that have broken up all seem to have one thing in common: crappy, not fleshed out relationships beforehand. That's sort of why it's easy for so many people to "predict" divorce. Probability, albeit my favorite branch of mathematics as well, seems to have very little to do with it. Dumb people who think getting married is the answer seem to have everything to do with it. Just my two (probably unwanted) cents. : O ) I'm feeling saucy today. Your post took the hit. Lol...

  2. I think this is probably about the chances of divorce, but the little thingymajig in the third picture looks like a drip and so this cartoon really reminds me of cancer statistics relative survival. And how much statistics get abused in the media!!!!!!!!! Angry statistician (well epdiemiologist really) here.

  3. Oh gosh, it totally read as cancer for me. I hadn't even thought of the divorce angle.


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