Tuesday, 26 April 2011

a non excuse

I shall make no excuses for being a bad blogger. It's my blog I can write whenever I choose.

However I must make an apology for being a bad person.*

3 wonderful ladies came to my home over 2 months ago now to take photographs of our little wedding redux and I am yet to thank them properly.

So today shall be for Lucy Stendall, tomorrow for Tarah Coonan and Thursday for Lisa Brown.

They deserve far more than I can give them.


*Little bit of a bad couple of weeks with me. Life is tough right now.


  1. Lovely Anna, hope that this is the start of a good few weeks for you. Hugs for the craptasticness, and you could never be a bad person - you are too damn adorable.

  2. Sorry you've been having a bit of a hard time, love. x

  3. Hugs! I miss your sweet voice.


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