Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Lucy Stendall

The wonderful Lucy Stendall. Where do I begin? These posts, whilst relatively wordless, have taken me an age to write. I have no idea why. I just wanted to find the right words to express how much I am in debt to some very talented ladies. Lucy is certainly no exception. When I first received her CD of images I was almost wept with happiness. I was so incredibly moved by the photographs she managed to capture in the tiny amount of time we had together.

When I first sent out the tentative missive asking for a lovely photographer to come and help us document our little wedding redux, Lucy was one of the first to respond. Her sweet email made me grin from ear to ear. It is just nice, when people are truly nice. I cannot emphasise this enough. In a world where fake is sadly still king, Lucy shines out in her beautiful demeanor and attitude. 

I was already in email contact with this lovely lady because she had said some rather lovely things about me and I insisted I should take her out for cocktails.* I believe she still has a hankering for an espresso martini and I fear she may turn this berry girl into a coffee lover too.

I should show you every last one of the pictures Lucy took because I honestly adore each and every last one. She is so easy to work with. She seems to instinctively know where to be to take that picture. A true reportage photographer who loves to work with the moment. With the time pressures of the day, people arriving, the February "sun" fading and my mother we are so lucky and honoured that she could take such treasured photographs. Thank you, Lucy, for being a wonderful photographer from the bottom of my heart.

If you were thinking about booking Lucy, I believe her calendar is filling up fast (obviously) but you really should check her out if you are in need of some beautiful memorable wedding photographs. (Do tell her I sent you - I desperately want a ride in her MG!) Oh, and whilst she is based in the Middle Lands, she is more than willing to travel.
Here are but a few of my favourites.

How lucky are we?

I love my "old" bouquet perched atop my father's thirty year old (plus a few more years) mixer. The genius of old tech (which I think he fished out from a skip?) is that it worked with my iphone. Bonanza.

Paperself eyelashes are freakin' awesome. I cannot recommend them enough!

To have a shot of our rings together makes my heart happy.

Trying to be graceful atop a fallen log.

Far more like our natural selves.

The guard cat. 

He is yummers.

Slightly worried that people may not come.

Yay people and more importantly, smiles!

Such a gorgeous photograph of a certain Savoir lady

The tights, the tights!

I just adore the moments she had captured. We are so lucky. So very lucky.

*Please, cocktails soon. I very much owe you a very large espresso martini.


  1. Hee. Rachel's husband does crack me up!

    Gorgeous photos. I especially like the one of my shoes, but then I would. ;)

  2. everything looks BEAUTIFUL!

  3. I love every last detail... everything is captured so beautifully. So much gorgeousness!!! xoxo.

  4. Oh, the adorableness! (I'm talking about the kiddies, but actually Cate's shoes are kind of adorable too...)

    Lucy is so very talented, and so sweet too. And of course the glamorous birthday bride and groom look gorgeous as well. Love!

  5. I've been away for a few days and come back to all this - I love how only now I am truly working out who was who at the party!

    Thank you again for making me so welcome, I had a wonderful time and between photos got chatting to some rather fabulous people - bring on the espresso martinis next time I'm in London town! x

  6. All the photos look incredibly lovely, Anna! You are one lucky gal!! You guys look so awesome on the day and your eyelashes, oh my, I lovveeee them!!!

  7. Such brilliant shots... Lucy has such a lovely style of photography. (I've just about got over seeing myself though!) And oh those pink shoes!

  8. my heart thumped. so glorious. xx


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