Sunday, 3 April 2011

a los angeles love story

The darling Becca of A Los Angeles Love is to be married today to her wonderful Jason.

Indeed as this is posted I think she may be walking towards her glorious future.

There are so many words I want to say but find it difficult to articulate what I want to embellish, so I shall begin by saying,

"Happy Marriage Day"

Yet that is truly not enough.

So maybe this picture may sum up my thoughts? 

You have been there for me, and I hope you think the same of me. A thousand congratulations, my sweet. You totally did it!

All my love, Anna x

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  1. I was also thinking about her yesterday! I love this blog community, I feel like I have found a friend in so many without actually meeting them (just from reading words)! It feels kinda weird, but I am ok with that.


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