Thursday, 28 April 2011

Lisa Jane Photography

And so last but certainly not least the lovely Lisa Brown. As you may have seen from the past two days Bean and I are two very lucky people with rather attractive friends. (How have we attracted such hotness? Can I pretend they are all just hideously photogenic and in real life they are monsters? No?!)

Lisa, who recently got married herself (oh how I want to see her pictures already - epic is the word which springs to mind - trust me, epic) So this girl knows a thing or two about cool. Oh her wedding dress. 

Anyhoo enough about Lisa's lovely wedding and back to me. (Can you imagine me actually saying that? Yikes, how incredibly self absorbed!) How about back to her camera, instead? Lisa had some very nice things to say about these pictures. So nice that she almost made me cry. In public. She was so much fun to work with. The naughty giggle says it all really! Fabulous at working you into the shot she wants but equally as talented when it comes finding that moment in the crowd.

Lisa Jane Photography has a few days were she may still be available this year so please do get in touch with her. (Do say I sent you - I need the props so I can blackmail her into letting me see her wedding photographs asap!)
What do you think? 

Yes to the wellington cuteness!

Gosh, we really love each other!

Love this shot. The dappled light is perfect.

Thank you so very much Lisa.

Until next week folks. Enjoy the Royal Wedding. There may be tispy tweets. So do follow me @annaandthering

If you do follow me, come say hello. I really don't bite. 


  1. Your desserts look so tasty. I will be tipsy tweeting with you lady!

  2. she did a beautiful job! i love the photos...i love ALL these ladies' photos!

  3. Such lovely pics... especially the one of the light shining inbetween you both :)

  4. Lush pics! Anna, your hair, dress, lipstick - everything = divine!
    Wonderful job Lisa, wonderful & totally-in-love subjects A & B xx

  5. Oops, can it have taken me so long to come and check out the rest of these photos? So lovely. I hope you're looking after yourself, love. x


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