Thursday, 14 April 2011

Kind Hearts and Coronets

I feel Sir Alec Guinness would be proud.

I fear this rather "interesting" wallpaper has made the rounds already but I really did make myself chortle with the title so couldn't help but show you again!

Whilst I actually quite like the idea of the black and white wallpaper. I think it is rather pretty but complete with a strong statement at the same time.

However, I would certainly draw the line at the stick on jewels which they proffer as a related product. Although, I one might allow future little ones to play with sticky jewels to bedazzle their bedroom walls!

Or perhaps for one's own throne room? Frnar, fnar. (My apologies.)


  1. Hehehe *smirks* - The throne room would be the only place in my house (admittedly fantasy house right now) that I would put up that paper. And plenty of it! And I'd be thinking fnar fnar to myself every time I was in there :) xxx

    Ps. people would most likely avoid coming over for tea at my (fantasy) house again once they had been to the bathroom. This is why I have a small group of (longsuffering) friends....

  2. your blog is very lovely! ( aside from our matching names :D) x

  3. wonderful! I want some stick on jewels to decorate my bedroom with!

  4. This would be fantastic in a dressing room or vanity area. I have that?! Just sayin' :)
    Maybe I could line my closet with it instead??

  5. I agree with the above posters that a tiny downstairs 'cloakroom' would be the perfect location for this wallpaper!


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