Wednesday, 13 April 2011

ell cee you please*

*no I haven't had a stroke - I'm going to pretend this sounds Scottish!

Yes, I may have breasts which are not small and humble but I seriously love this dress. 

I would seriously twirl and twirl (and possibly fall over) and twirl some more.

This shall be mine!

Are you a maxi lover?


  1. yes yes yes... the maxi is to die for. Am afraid that I also tend to pop out so low cut dresses must be avoided. A girl can dream though, no?

  2. I never thought I would be, but I just bought this

    and I absolutely love it. I have problems deciding on other things to wear now. I just want to wear it every day. oh dear!

    PS. That dress would be extremely difficult to wear for anyone bigger than an A cup. Please.

  3. Errr YES! The other day I was browsing in Primarni and I saw a blue and white stripey maxi dress, in a sort of linen-y material. I had already had my eye on an All Saints one but this one I was seeing now was about 50000% cheaper. I tried it on with some trepidation as I'm 5'10 and usually maxi dresses are not long enough on me (Long Tall Sally excluded) and IT FIT AND WAS THE PERFECT LENGTH!!!!! Like properly covering my toes when I was stood up straight (flats of course). Totally bought it. Very pleased. Look lovely with my brown plaited belt.

    Hooray for maxi dress joy! But a little boo for all those dresses with thin or unusual straps and plunging necklines which require anti-gravity boobs (I don't have).

  4. gorgeous dress but it would not hold my two girls back either!


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