Monday, 11 April 2011

come on, come on, let's get pretty

I know, I know, I will talk about the wedding. Soon.

Failing that I can offer some love to my vendors.

And seeing as "my" wonderful make-up artist and hair stylist extraordinaire, Elbie Van Eeden, has just made her new blog live, it seems like a good day to talk about her! 

Elbie van Eeden. 

What can I say?

The newly married lady (oh my she looked amazing!) made me feel flawless. I am so lucky she was free on my date and didn't fear the trek from London to Northumberland. Our first meeting was meant to be a little collaboration (although this may still be in the pipeline, what this space!)

I am also incredibly lucky to have had her stay for the whole weekend. A lucky side effect of the snow.

I am certainly not a beautiful lady but she made me feel pretty. She made my hair look bridal but not boring. We talked about my hair for a long time with me providing hundreds of photographs and demands! Yet that was easy in comparison to my make-up. I am completely useless and was completely befuddled by the myriad of choices. 

Luckily, Elbie knows everything. I know this because I was also in the presence of make-up junkie/groupie Katie who cooed at everything Elbie took out of her ginormous bag o' tricks.  Katie* was so excited by the choices she had to offer. (Seriously how does one so tiny carry around what look like 20kg of equipment?) She helped me choose a look that I loved, although I am sure that she and Katie conspired together! Well, in a good way to move from a heavy eye to something that would make my blue eyes sparkle and an actual lip colour. I am now a lipstick gal. Something I never thought I would be.

Looky it's me and my lovely Elbie! (Forgive my overactive left eyebrow)

I didn't feel overly made up. I feel like me on a very very good day. My mother and my girls also looked and felt radiant. 

However if you are looking for couture. This is the girl you want. 

Genius with the photography of Kirsty Mitchell

I heart this beautiful lady.
I am so glad she was part of my day. You really should let her be part of yours.

Thank you Elbie, you are a star.

*Katie, one of the most gorgeous girls I know. A girl who needs no make-up but when she does wear it she looks beyond beautiful. Her eyes. Oh my!


  1. she did such a beautiful job! i adored your makeup for the wedding, lady!

  2. stop with this rubbish about you not being attractive! you are a gorgeous stylish & lovely lady! so quit the trash talking!


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