Thursday, 7 April 2011

an afternoon with a not great camera

Although a good workman never blames her tools. So judge away. A wonderful day in the sun with cats and flowers.

The beef assessor.

I love the nosy daffodil.

He is so statuesque in the sunshine.


Clever spider.

I feel a future laptop wallpaper.

Oh, I'm so shy.

To see the little cherry blossom path.

Just in case you didn't believe it was me! Pink jeans for the win.

What do you think? Can I cut it? (Me thinks no!)


  1. I want outdoor spring snuggles with the kitty! Oh it looks like a delightful afternoon.

  2. There is nothing better in the whole world than a beautiful black cat in the sunlight!

  3. BEAUTIFUL, anna! i love that kitteh!

  4. Aww thanks. Although there are two cats. Basically a facsimile of each other but one 3 times the size of the other!

  5. I love your cats! They're adorable!

  6. What a gorgeous sunny day Anna! Your fluffbags are too cute :) (They must get sooo hot in the sun!)

  7. Such a posey kitty! Love the pink jeans and it's friggin awesome that we can wear flip flops out now!!!!!!!!!!!x


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