Monday, 28 March 2011

a wondering

Now lovely wise sages. I solicit your honest opinion. I know I am not a great writer (or even a writer at all rather a combiner of words) yet I am curious to hear your honest thoughts about this sliver of prose.

I would be happy to solicit your advice via email too annaandtheringlondon {at}

My perfect beach.

It is not the warmth of the sand nor the intensity of blue water which ignites the memory of my perfect beach. It is the memory of the moments I shared on the beach on the tiny island of Nukulaelae.

I spent 5 days at (a seriously unhappy) sea to finally sample the fine delights of this tiny place. Yet risking life and limb to clamber from the ship to the landing boat and the hour's journey navigating the precious yet deadly reefs to land was only the beginning.

My reason to visit the outlying islands was to work as the doctor from the mainland for a day. Yet the wonderful nurses had already done my job and I had the whole day to explore. Obviously I made my way to the beach (a long 2 minute walk - such is the joy of a tiny atoll) and dipped my feet into the warm (albeit apparently shark infested) lagoon.

As I lay on the beach enjoying the solitude it became apparent I was not on my own for the the occasional giggle rang out. The master of disguise hid from me for almost an hour before she deigned to make her presence known through the power of posing. It would seem that America's Next Top Model's influence has no bounds.

So as I began to feel like David Bailey with my muse, she took me by the hand and led me down the beach. Down the beach to the point where the sand turned bright white and water became incredibly blue. Incredibly beautiful. Beyond the tropical paradise that one pictures in one's dreams. The delicate bowing of a coconut tree complete with the shade of a pandanus tree heavily laden. The sweet smell of salt on my skin combined the perfume of frangipani blooms. A olfactory memory with no equal.

She then left. Almost as if she had never been there. Alone with my own strip of perfection. I never wanted to leave.

So to the curious albeit shy girl with no name. Thank you for showing me to my island paradise and a memory never to be forgotten.

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