Wednesday, 30 March 2011

a winter's moon

I have had this little set in my draft pile for a while now! However I am trying to throw myself into blogging. Have you noticed the slight increase in my posts?
Are you enjoying the increased coverage?

I promise to write about the wedding soon - if you still want to hear about it? 
Answers on a postcard or in a comment?!

Anyway, back to A Winter's Moon.

I just love the colours and the sweet innocence of the drawings.

Yet why am I talking about these?

Well, I think they would be perfect as table numbers.

What I love even more is the idea of mirroring the jigsaw element and using the number of fruits or animals as escort cards.* 

Perfect for primary school teachers?

Do you like?

*Thank you twitter I promise I should be a wedding blogger!


  1. I'm diggin' the extra posts! So I'm afraid you can't slow down now- lest you disappoint! Kidding! But seriously, I quite like this vintagey jigsaw look- nice find. And yes, would love to hear (well read!) details from the wedding (and your second party?!) Oh P.S I also quite like your island story

  2. Yes yes yes i want to hear about the wedding!! :)

  3. P.S these are super gorgeous - you're very right, they would make adorable table numbers :)

  4. one: yes to increased frequency.
    two: YES to table numbers, those are AWESOME.
    three: i totally want to hear for the wedding...i hope i speak for everyone...because that would be an awesome superpower.


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