Wednesday, 23 March 2011

what's black and yellow and listens to the Pope?

A Catholic WASP?

I am to attend a fabulous London wedding in a few week's time.

A high WASP's wedding at a Catholic church which then stretches into a seriously black tie event in the evening.

Yes I know a Catholic WASP is a slight(!) oxymoron but this lovely young American lady is a definite WASP and for some reason (unbeknownst to me) her father wishes for her to be married in a Catholic church. (Ours is not to reason why!). 

So what is a girl to do? Here are the specifications!

- an April wedding in London - rain, sleet, sunshine, hail? Who knows?
- a really rather posh Catholic ceremony - the church is scary high Catholic!
- a really rather posh city reception venue - rooms start from around £300 per night (we shall not be staying overnight!)
- a wedding where I will know no-one but Bean and the couple (Bean's friends) and so I could either go really over the top or enjoy my wallflowerness.
- oh and I may have red hair!*

Bean will have to change too - there is no way he will be wearing black tie to church. So we may be making a quick stop at his office to change!

For me these restrictions scream black! Luckily I have no problem wearing black to a wedding. (I am almost sure the bride will be the same!) So here is my dream selection! There really are sometimes, even for a colour lover such as myself, where black is just fabulous. I do particularly love the besequinned offering by Marlene Birger. As for the shoes. I think you should know by now that I could definitely find a home for all of those badboys. 
What would you do? Do you like? I would say these would work for both the church and the black tie aspect. (Well with a little tweaking as one goes from day to night.)

I will inevitably end up wearing something I already have (oh wretched eminently unemployability) but it is always nice to swoon. Oh I did just uncover a seriously besequinned floor length dress which I wore a few years ago to Bean's college masquerade ball. Hmm - too white tie? Probably!

*I promise to stop talking about my hair soon.


  1. wow I love that first dress if all women came dressed in such beauties to my wedding I would be a happy bride and i see nothing wrong with wearing black to a wedding either. You really do have good taste miss Anna

  2. Ooooh we're getting married in a Catholic Cathedral *scream* *slight panic*


    As discussed in between yummy vodka cocktails on Monday night (YEY), I think black for a wedding is perfect! I really like the
    knee length prom-number second in on the left, but LOVING the sound of the sequinned dress that you mention - could you maybe change into it when Bean changes into his black tie?? Or maybe wear with a cardigan during the ceremony and then add some key accessories?? PLUS with the red hair and the fierce shoes, you'll be rocking it out in total style

  3. @Hunter - I hope I am right in saying I am not a weaver?! Otherwise I am incredibly confused!

  4. i love your picks! my favorite is the third from the left. perfect.

  5. I think all your options would work. You definitely want to have some sort of strap or sleeve. A pashmina wrap wouldn't hurt if the dress has straps on the thinner side. Knee length or longer.

    You will look gorgeous. Take pictures and show us what you choose please?!

  6. I have to be honest and say I have never heard of a catholic wasp before...and that I'm still none the wiser...but what I do know is these dresses are HOTTT, Mrs. I think in my dreams I'd buy the shoes from the bottom left and the dress from the top right = divine. Have a fab time at the wedding...oooh and tell me what all this talk of wasps and the like is actually about or are you going to make me google it?x

  7. Also @Hunter - I believe I have confirmed your identity. Is there something you aren't telling us? Is a Vegas elopement on the cards (Shotgun invitation.) Fin. (Can I be a reaver?)

  8. Q. ‘What’s black and yellow and listens to the Pope?’

    A. 80s Christian-rock legends ‘Stryper’. ( )

    I don’t think one typically ‘plans’ a Vegas elopement. You head to the States for a quiet vacation and a few cocktails and an Elvis impersonator later BOOM!..

    Fortunately ‘Prey’ and I will be in SF, not Vegas. And I’ve seen ‘Milk’, so I think I’m probably safe.

  9. @Hunter - you can plan a secret wedding, though. I went to one this past weekend. I would love to offer my "vast experience" of wedding planning.

    P.S. It scares me a little that you read my blog. (Stupid druken anna revealing her twitter name to you by mistake!)

    P.P.S. Please can I help plan you secret wedding?

  10. hehe ... high catholic WASP wedding ... hehe ...

    Make sure you cover up your shoulders when you're in the church though!

  11. I adore the 2nd + 5th dresses! please post pics of what you end up wearing!


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