Friday, 11 March 2011

the wedding redux

No matter my current predicament (jobless and technically homeless - save for my generous parents) I am incredibly lucky.

I am even more lucky that I got to have a second wedding party (ah yes, you know I did get married recently...are you still interested in recaps?)

Anyway, I got to wear my dress, I got to invite all those I would have invited if there had been money and I got to feel like a real bride. November feels so surreal still. This time round I began to understand what it feels like to only speak to people for 2 minutes and then be pulled away. If I had had a moment to think I would have been so upset that I spent so little time with people who had come from hundreds of miles away. I am so inviting you back for more food and hugs and giggles! Please accept. I will bake. If that's ok?

(Also, please don't judge, thank you cards are coming I promise, please may I blame the move for losing said cards and my mind).

So in no particular order (well actually alphabetically!) here are my favourites. I am so excited to show you all these pictures. They made me smile when things have no been so great. I really hope you like them. I really really do!

Lisa aka @lisajanephoto

I imagine Lisa has a few other things on her mind right now for she is to marry her young man in the next few weeks. I could not be more excited for her (oh and her amazog dress!).

I love this photograph - who knew you could do the kissing on one leg thingy in wellies and make it look cute!!

The sun was fading, the picture was perfect.

Click the picture for more pretties!

Lucy (naughtily not on twitter yet!)

Lucy, the wonderful Lucy, who traveled from afar to offer her beautiful eyes. (They are both beautiful and wise!)

We totally forgot to get out rings photographed together before. I love that I will now cherish this picture of them perched atop my garden gate.

I mean what's not to like, check out my boy!

Click the picture for more pretties!

Tarah aka @tarahcoonan
Oh Tarah, wonderful Tarah. Girl knows how to work the light! That is all!

Oh my poor male Ted. He did not like that. The earrings are fabulous though.

The sun makes the feathers move. I do love snuggling into Bean.

Click the picture for more pretties!

So what can I say?!

Obviously I am beyond grateful for these images that I will cherish forever. Ladies, your fears are beyond incomprehensible to to me. Your work speaks for itself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Next week I will write a post for each photographer becausem well, I am beyond in love with each of them and owe them so much more than a swift gallop through their work!

I think they be writing a little post about the party too so I will link to it as soon as I can.

So go on, wax lyrical about these most talented gals!!! Potential clients please look beyond their subjects (we are not the most beautiful) the emotions they captured truly are.


  1. I'm GREEN with jealousy. This looks so beautiful, and all these shots!!!!

    I want a year anniversary photo shoot party!

  2. Oh my goodness Anna. I don't care what you say, you are a true beauty. I love these all. I want to jump into both collages and celebrate with you. And I am so happy that you and Bean got another wedding party day of joy!

  3. Gorgeous images from all three photographers! {I am sort of in love with those bright pink sky scraper heels...and the 'love' tights are unreal!} Glad you got to wear your pretty dress & celebrate being married again!

  4. Boofulness! Well done clever photographer ladies. I can't wait to see more.

  5. Hooray! I've just blogged some more...seriously difficult to choose which to pick out! Thank you for all the lovely comments, this has definitely made my day...bon weekend one and all I'm off for another g&t xxx

  6. oh MAN! your photos are stunning, i just love them! you are so beautiful, glad you got to wear your pretty dress again :)

  7. wonderful photos, dear! I adore the top one. oh, and every other one too! you looked so beautiful and happy! and super stylish!!!!

  8. It's Cara and Nye! And the twinnies! And Talia! And just general beautifulness! Oh these are so wonderful, you are a lucky (and gooooorgeous) lady.

  9. Love the pic in the lane of you in your wellies... and the light is sooo gorgeous in that last one, just stunning! Glad you had such a great day my dear :) (And I'm allowed to laugh at my ankles right? Very odd!)

  10. These are AMAZING photos! You and Bean look so cute and the photos seem to be able to capture the love in the room. So sweet! My favourite is the oneleggedkissintheforest photo. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Amazebouche. So many beautiful photos and what appears to be wonderful memories. What a fabulous extra wedding, in the comfort of your own home!

  12. Yay for all the loveliness, have a serious need for those iced gems. Such beautiful photos.

  13. Fabulous photos of what looked to be a beautiful occasion. Once again peeved beyond belief that I missed it.

  14. Aw, so lovely. Can't wait to see more!

  15. Oh Anna, these photos are WONDERFUL! I am so sorry I couldn't join you at your post-wedding party, I would have loved to have been there...

    I am so very pleased you had a lovely time, and now these lovely photographs to treasure :)

    So much love,

    Annabel xXx

  16. Gorgeous photos! You looked so pretty! So glad you got a do-over ;)

    I NEED to know where those "love" stockings are from!!

  17. Lovely photos! Looks like a fabulous night!x

  18. Thank you so much for writing such a lovely post Anna. I had a wonderful day with you both, thank you for inviting us into your home and for standing in the cold while we snapped away! You looked gorgeous. See you soon x

  19. beautiful pictures.
    they really have this dreamy fairytale vibe but without any bad kitsch.
    i like.

  20. I am so envious of good photographers! How do they do it?!
    Lovely pics, looking forward to seeing more :)

  21. Love your eyeshadow! Love your dress! Love the whole damn thing! : O )


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