Thursday, 24 March 2011

want to make me crazy angry? Just show me something like this!

Seething anger. 

1. Mr. Right - really? Still? We think this is ok? There really isn't a Mr Right. Gah.
2. And far more upsettingly Mrs. Always Right - I despise the perpetuation of the idea that men are the lesser species. I think to be a feminist* you have to allow (and want) men and women to be treated equally. I agree that women are nowhere near where they need to be in terms of equality. Yet you do not make people equal by dragging those ahead down. Furthermore this myth that men should be subservient only reinforces their behaviour and gives them licence to fall into the completely incorrect stereotype.

Please, people. Think.

And look away anna. Oh the shaking fingers. Rome wasn't built in a day, not in a day. And breathe.

* I want to be a feminist I really do. It just never came up? Both my grandmother's worked, my mother works and that was their choice. I've grown up with choice and am incredibly lucky because of it.


  1. Darn those cushions!

    Re: Mrs Always Right- I have to admit, I am rarely wrong! Haha.

  2. I often hear this said. It's annoying to me as well, mostly because I think everyone is human (ie. right AND wrong). Especially in relationships. You can't take away the trials of a relationship with a bad joke. It cheapens it.

  3. I so agree! I hate it when women in front of husbands say how rubbish they are or women in front of daughters make men out to be stupid and easily trained grr makes me so mad.

    I would be so mad and upset if my man said those things about me even as a joke, it really makes my blood boil, great post!


  4. Blech! Terrible pillows.

    It's interesting, over here across the pond I tend to think of the whole "Mrs. Always Right" thing as being anti-woman. I see it as an endorsement of the idea that women are shrews who will nag their husbands until the poor, long-suffering men agree with them just to shut them up. Or it's a condescending "just let the little woman think she's right" approach to conflict in marriage. Either way, ick.

  5. GAH. SO enraging.

    I agree a bit with petitechablis, and a bit with you.

    Why can't we just be people without all of these stupid cliche 'jokes'!?

  6. Ooo good points ladies.

    Although I would always assume that something so hideous would have been produced by one of those women.

  7. i hate those pillows and the stupid couples that buy them. @takemyhand - i hate the word TRAIN. a ton of my friends say that and i'm all - yeah, i'm sure your husband/partner/boyfriend thinks it's AWESOME that you want to train him...just...a MODEL relationship, kids.

  8. But I am always right. Ha. Joking obviously ;)

  9. yuck!please stop looking at these cushions, don't let them win! they are stupid and you are much better for not falling prey to them!

  10. I had to come back here because I just found something worse:


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