Thursday, 31 March 2011

take three dresses

Here we have a slightly different take one dress segment. Here we have an almost harried bride worried about her girls. Oh how I understand about the troubles beautiful ladies and a world of dresses can cause! Our lovely bride wanted everything from shoes to shawls save the dresses.

Just look at those deep delicious jewel colours she has chosen for the dresses. So on trend for 2012!

So to her pretty maids, 
Purple lady 
A redhead with blue eyes and a penchant for all things sparkly.
Pink lady 
Raven haired with blues eyes with a deep love of the kitch and vintage.
Garnet lady
A brunette with green eyes with simple tastes. 

I love they they are "allowed" to look different from each other. Yay a fabulous bride! I wanted to embrace their own personalities, add a little more than the usual bridesmaid look but still keep a nuptial note. I would have loved my girls to be so vibrant.

Sorry there had to be tights again! Well the wedding is in January and in Ireland so weather wise things are a little scary. (Says she who got married in snow!) I love opaques with open toe shoes and I particularly love Bebaroque's tights and they are really fabulous in person. I may have a couple of pairs myself. I just think the details which they add to tights are clever, delicate and oh so girlie. Oh and you can totally wear them both ways with a bow or other detail on the front of your foot or at the back of ankle. Wonderful. (Also totally believe that hype that one size fits almost all. As you know I am not exactly a size 0 and they fit even me really well!)

Oh yes, and whilst I couldn't bring myself to add pashminas to the board (they do scare me so) they would be perfect for any outside moment. Luckily they can be cast aside as soon as dancing (or preferably photographs) begins!

Tell me what you think. How would you dress them differently?

Don't forget if you have own style problem let me know. I am more than willing to go super avant garde for you. Are you the bride I can make happy? Or you the harried housewife who wants a wardrobe update? Or even you have a bed and want a new bedroom style? (Oh yes, I think it's time to branch out - I'm not all about weddings!) Let me know annaandtheringlondon {at}


  1. You have convinced me that I ought to have a pair of nude shoes in my wardrobe.

  2. Ooooooh Anna you are amazing! I'm going to go and look at everything now! Yayyyyyy! Thank you ever so much!

  3. @Miss C - can the evil p word be a temporary evil. I really thought about what to do instead. Unless you fancy delicious long woolen navy military coats?

    I do hope you like. Please tell me (on here or by email) if I suck!

  4. I want the shoes and earrings of Purple Lady, the raven locks and blue eyes of Pink Lady (that is the most smokin combination in the world) and the clutch of the Garnet Lady.



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