Tuesday, 29 March 2011

take one pair of leather trousers

I've fallen head over heels for these trousers. I love their colour and simplicity.

God bless you asos! They are the perfect dress up, dress down pair! As much as I am into the colour blocking dress at the moment I still do adore something as chic as these. Can leather trousers be called chic? Oh gosh I fear the lust may be taking over!

Oh those flats are really calling me, what a steal! I also need those cone heels. I really do not have hot black heels - well ones in which I can walk. (The others are most definitely taxi shoes).

And of course if anyone from Mulberry fancies sending me of their delicate rose gold babies I would look after it so!

What have you fallen in lust with lately?

(Also could someone stop me looking at asos?!)

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