Tuesday, 29 March 2011

take one dress for a tattybojangle

So the delightful Tattybojangles has enlisted me with a take one dress brief!

Say hello to a cute anthro dress which may or may not be worn to a certain rather exciting party in April!

She fancied a pair of sage green shoes to go with her dress. Who knew that sage green was such a difficult colour to source! Twas rather tempting to change the colours completely. Yet when I am set a challenge I do try to prevail!

Also I've mixed it up a little and added a savvy vs spree angle. The choices on the right are a "little" more ostentatious! (Yes, I accidentally found some rather expensive items on my travels!) Oh spree. You are so wonderful. I know, I know but those Tabitha Simmons wedge pumps are exquisite. Such a wonderful day to night transitional pair.

However on the savvy side I think those Kurt Geiger flats are rather sweet and the little Office booties work really well. Also as much as I am lusting after opaque tights currently I would love to see this look with bare legs. I would totally wear the Topshop lariat necklace as a bracelet and would top the look off with a sweet ballerina-esque bun!

So what do you think? 

Also don't forget if you have a little style challenge for me just drop me a email with your brief to annaandtheringlondon {at} gmail.com. I am ready and a waiting for you! Be it wedding dresses, hen party ideas, mothers or just what can I wear from my wardrobe I really need to leave the house already. I am here to help!


  1. your style is FANTASTIC, lady. i absolutely love this pick. once i hit my goal weight, i'm totally gonna pay you to go virtual shopping with me. reinvent me, dear anna. :)

  2. I'm loving these. Of course I like the most expensive stuff, my taste is far more for the finer things in life


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