Thursday, 31 March 2011

take one dress and become a ballerina?

It would appear I can't help myself. I see a fabulous dress and want to share it with you. Just how incredible is this dress! For those who want to be a ballerina on their wedding day. You only have to look at this picture to see how it moves.

For that sexy edge I would totally pair it with the killer Kiss Louboutin flats. If I could afford them they would be mine! Perfect for those far too persistant  dull relatives or those friends you didn't really want to invite. 

"Oh gosh sorry, didn't I hurt you did I, gosh, so sorry. Let me run away whilst you can still walk. Gosh, I'm so clumsy."
The perfect crime slash exit! Although if you fancy a little more height look no further than these pretty lace numbers.

Of course you have to all out with the make-up to compliment to fabulousness of the dress. You simply cannot have the dress outdo you! And finally with striking but simple jewellery the outfit is complete.

Will one lady make my ballerina dreams come true?


  1. Oh, what I would give to see a bride in this dress and those flats. Seriously, someone needs to take you up on this, just so we can see photos.

  2. When this bride materialises I shall kill the ground she walks on. In the meantime I'll just covet that cuff.

  3. This dress in incredible. I love. Most perfect for glamorous London registry office wedding.


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