Thursday, 24 March 2011

take one dress and add a sprinkling of anna

So many of my ideas come from, well I don't really know where. So I hope (think) this is a good one. I love "creating" something from basically nothing. To start with one piece and build a whole theme around it.

So take this dress from the humble Monsoon for a relatively wonderful £170. I think it exudes Hollywood 40s glamour. Sitting here with my nails painted with red half moons I am really lusting after the 40s vibe.  

I've not seen the dress in the flesh but I love the colour and the detail on the shoulder. Add a fabulous cape and champagne you are set to stun!

What do you think? 

I love this board. Well save the smoking but I am prepared to overlook that for that hair and those lips!

So if you have a dress, a pair of shoes or even a a mere inkling of what you desire but have no idea where to start developing yours ideas drop me a line at 


  1. Love this dress I saw it a while ago on monsoon love the outfit you put together I may ask you to help me find the perfect accessories when I've got dress if thats alright...

  2. I love the smoking :) i know you smoking...but all i heard was...smoking.
    brilliant board, that dress is beautiful!

  3. I love this dress the draping is fab but the fabric doesn't look very forgiving.

  4. @anon I find Monsoon dresses pretty forgiving generally. Although I'm sure that the dress is not for everyone. I think the way it drapes would make it look beautiful even if you are not a size 0. To me it looks like it would love curves.

  5. gorgeous dress & accessories! nice work, miss anna! I will come to you if I need some help playing dress up for sure!


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