Wednesday, 30 March 2011

take one dress and add a clog?

So recently a girl, sorry lady, named Cloggins, you may have heard of her exciting new scheme, asked me to solve a little quandary for her.

Now Mrs C is to attend the evening part of a wedding in a few weeks time. She has the dress but wanted to accessorise it up a little.  She already has fabulous pins, so I'm thinking she might rock the dress with bare legs but just in case I added a pair of cute cute tights. (You know I'm all about tights right now - well and for some time!) So the diamond ring and the clutch were added as a little folly. Yet I most definitely have a similar ring (proabably from asos) and the clutch has been replicated again and again.

Also I know that nude shoes are a little "over" but I still love them and they make legs look delicious!

Oh and the cuteness of the Bando!

What do you think?

I just couldn't resist those tights. I am sure they would not be suitable for the wedding she described but I know she could totally rock the look and be the hottest girl in the room!

Don't forget I love a challenge. Drop me an email to annaandtheringlondon {at} Totally want to hear from you!


  1. this is adorable. gah. your style is so unique and jealousy-inducing.

  2. Oh j'adore! I don't have as much faith as you do that I could pull off that radical hosiery but I love the whole look so much! And OBVIOUSLY the thing I am coveting most is the YSL clutch. Of course.

    Thank you Miss Anna for giving me a clue! x

  3. So cute - and shoe clips too! :) I had those tights in pink for a fancy dress party (when I was Jem) but I didn't wear them in the end as I couldn't trust my drunk self not to be showing them to people! ;)


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