Tuesday, 29 March 2011

a moment for your mamma?

Oh me oh my it is almost that time of year where we must show our love to our mothers.

Now if funds were unlimited. Say if we had just won £117 million on the lottery! What would I buy? (My mother takes Mother's Day very seriously. Perhaps because her mother, my Mamgu, passed away so many years ago now? I miss my Mamgu.)

Well I would buy the house so they could move to France but perhaps something a little more personal?

How about a fabulous hamper. I know my mother would enjoy this! Indeed I know I would enjoy it far more!

Or if you are feeling a little more adventurous, how about creating your own hamper. Tis a little anna and Bean tradition to make hampers for my family. I love that you can add the most potent of cheese to the most delicate biscuit. Indeed the only limit is your purse! There are some simply wonderful nibbles out there to be had.*

Starting with a gorgeous basket from Florence and Florence

Indeed I may have bought a rather similar basket for my mother. Perfect for her future strolls to the boulangerie. 

I am hoping to fill it with many many treats. From delicious delicate violet jam. (Her favourite - well it should be!)

Including some deliciously passe cupcakes, well if I can find the time on Sunday morning for there is the exciting catholic WASP's wedding to attend on Saturday. Perhaps topped with edible flowers for a little bedazzle! 

And for the piece de resistance, a roast made with Welsh Wagyu Beef - the non-Japanese equivalent of Kobe Beef. I simply cannot wait to cook with it on Sunday. Well actually it may be Bean, he is the consummate chef. I may be relegated to sous-ness!

Doesn't the cow just look delicious! The shiny coat must be due to all the beer!

Oh and if there are enough pennies left.

These wonderful flowers. How I heart Jane Packer flowers they are always delicious.

Oh and as an aside, definitely not for my mother but I do think it is rather sweet. Hint hint Bean, remember for the future.*

I know it is only Mother's Day in the UK next weekend but would your mother enjoy any of my offerings?

*Ooo would you be interested in a hamper special? Bean knows all the best places!
**Well the hint is rather too subtle I fear, I don't think he reads the blog anymore! Although if you do fancy buying me something my darling there are far more pressing pretties!

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  1. Thanks Anna. I've been looking for a picnic basket for a wedding present and that one (may) be perfect. x


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