Wednesday, 23 March 2011

luella lotta love

So last night was incredibly entertaining and pretty and in aid of the Eve Appeal. many thanks to the wonderful Luella's Boudoir and One Marylebone. I expected nothing less. Last year's fair was wonderful and this years was just a step up. They really went all out. From the fabulously chosen exhibitors to the fabulous models!

I must say I am usually underwhelmed by wedding fairs but Luella's has style. Oh so much style. It is just so refreshing to meet suppliers who actually want to be part of your day. For me enthusiasm is just as important as style.

So a whistlestop journey through the amazing lovelies!

Emily Quinton (and Max)
So wonderful to meet a photographer who lives photography. Her images evoke love and just moments of sighing and swooning. 

I adore every image from this wedding. Just spectacular.

Catherine Mead
I love the the emotions she captures with her camera. So incredibly talented.

I just adore the feel of this photograph by Catherine Mead

Amazingly delicious cocktails from the U'Luvka - a wonderful high end Polish vodka. I heartily recommend The Sun and Moon - pineapple perfection! Incredibly refreshing and naughtily moreish. You have been warned!

Never before has the phrase "see me, touch me, want me" been more apt. So incredibly tactile and sophisticated. They have their own laser cutter on site so the only limit is your imagination (and I imagine the physical possibility of your ideas!)

From the wonderful Amma (did you see how beautiful she was (is!) at the Luella's Boudoir Blogger Shoot). Her work is so modern but with a delicious whimsical twist. Such a talented young lady. (No green eyes here!)

and perhaps my favourite new brand dear so and so. Alex just got married herself. She hand draws all these amazing designs. I must admit that poor Alex had to put up with me for far too long last night! Also the other half of dear so and so is Charlotte, the cross stitch fiend! Such sweet creations!

Just look at the wonderfulness! I really do not have the words. They are just perfection!

Of course I must mention the seriously gorgeous Kat of RocknRoll Bride who looked amazing modelling some of the prettiest dresses!

 via the simply wonderful Elbie van Eeden (my catwalk "frow" pal and my most favourite make-up artist in the world!)

And to some other lovelies who weren't exhibiting but twas lovely to meet and see!
London Bride - with her amazing eyelashes!
Tarah Coonan - a seriously talented photographer - she knows how to work the light!
Alison of Pollen Nation - such an incredibly talented florist. You must look at her work. Astonishingly gorgeous.
Lucinda George - a lovely lovely wedding planner who has recently been up to exciting things with London Bride and Pollen Nation!

and of course my prize winners the beautiful Charlotte and her gorgeous sister Victoria. I hope you had fun!
Trust me, if you couldn't make it, you really did miss out! Let's hope there will be another time!


  1. *blush*
    Thank you thank you for an AMAZING evening! Really was an awesome event and it was great to meet you and the lovely Tarah.

    Think I might be lusting over Kat's amazing giant headpiece/veil creation...will be blog stalking until the photos appear!


  2. I did hear that the Red Sparkling from Grainger Fine Wines was also amazing, and some what stole the show!!!!!

  3. what amazing vendors! glad you had fun


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