Friday, 25 March 2011

a little new sideline

Fingers in many pies and all that...

I am now a Bridal Events Writer for the excitingly new Brew Drinking Thinkings. It's just been launched and I really rather honoured to be part of it all.

Check me out!

My humble words should be up on the website next week. Wish me luck! 

My new extra twitter name is @BDT_Weddings if you fancy another follow?


  1. Ooo! Exciting! You'll probably be hearing from me shortly about this.

  2. awesome!!! congrats, Anna!

  3. Ohh how excitement! Congrats!!

  4. How wonderful! So jealous :)

  5. congrats! that's SO exciting. i love that photo :)

  6. It's lovely to have you on board. Thanks for this post x


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