Tuesday, 22 March 2011

in the red

Now you may have seen me bleating on twitter that I quite fancy a change of hair colour.

Curse my layout for making this board too small but do embiggen the collage for there is much prettiness.

 for sources please check out my Pinterest board

So what do you think? Do you think I could cope with the redness!

I particularly love the bottom left colour. Not too dark but still with a pop!

I really do fancy a change. Which is your favourite? (Please forgive the smattering of awful "celebs" but I do love their hair!)

Here's my hair (and relative pasty skin) as it stands.

A rather blah brown which needs a little excitement!
via the wonderful Lucy Stendall

So what do you think I should do? Things may be afoot for excitement on Friday!


  1. I do love being a brunette but I am all for going red. I like the really vibrant red (black pants, white top girl in the collage). It does fade fast so just get some really good shampoo for reds.x

  2. I like red hair personally but I can't do it because my fiance has red hair. That's quite a bit of fire in one relationship!

    I say go for it!

  3. I do like the Amy Adams color or the bottom left picture too. I think those would be flattering shades on you.

  4. i absolutely think you could rock red. it would be stunning with your skin color in fact. i think i like the amy adams or even the girl next to her...sorry, i don't know who that is. also, the flowing curls under amy adams- that's a little bolder shade of red, but i think it would still be really flattering.

  5. My head has decided it wants to be red too, Anna! I have a few new tufts of hair at my temples that are growing red. Rather odd as I am a warm mouse at the best of times but still, maybe it's a siiiigggggn!?

    You could get away with a redder red than the bottom left, more like the bottom right, but why not try the bottom left one first and then you can always red it up later? Exciting! x

  6. Love the idea of red hair. I had bright red hair a while back and I miss it. It tend to bring out all the red in my skin though. But it was super fun.

    (You don't seem to have my favorite red head up there: Taylor Tomasi. A fellow Dallas girl living it up in NYC as a Cosmo editor)

  7. I like the Ashlee Simpson red. I like all the reds. I just wish you'd do it already so that we can get on with making little red-headed internet babiez.

  8. Red hair is amaaaaazing! I think it would suit you perfectly.

    I've been getting redder and redder over the last year but I'm in need of a change too. Planning on going back to a deep, dark rich brunette later this week. We should just swap hair and save time!

    It is high maintenance though, Redken's colour protect shampoo is great though. Helps keep the fade at bay! Good luck with the transition.

    Loveaudrey xxx

    p.s how lovely is that photo <3

  9. Ooh that would look lovely :) that is my natural colour and complexion (otherwise known as I-Guess-Some-Kind-Of-Strawberry-Blonde and White Like a Snowman) and I happen to think my hair suits the look well. Go for it! Do it! Let me live vicariously through you as someone who is afraid to dye their own hair!

  10. holy mother of all redheads....is embiggen a word? it's fantastic. i shall use it everyday, i solemnly swear.

    also. i had red hair for a brief stint (it's always brief, washes out quickly!) but it was the best stint in the lifespan of my hair to date. you'll love it. it'll make you feel like a new woman.

    i have three pictures from the whole experience, if you want to see them. it didn't look...ANYTHING at all like the BEAUTIFUL photos you posted, but it was super fun. i say yes.

  11. Do it for sure. But a rich auburn rather than a pale ginger if you get me? Rich but warm I think would suit you.

    P.S Do you like how I said 'if you get me'? I am so street.

  12. Do iiiiit! Rich, warm auburn :)

  13. The red is so gorgeous! Do it do it do it :)

  14. Me likey! I think bottom left would look great!

  15. Love love love the top right hand corner and bottom left hand corner - do it DO IT! I go through phases of wanting to - please dye it and then immediately post a pic :-) xx

  16. Do it! I totally want to go red for a year sometime. I too am a brunette. I love emma stone's red color or alison sudol from a fine frenzy when she modeled for ban.do. So lovely! http://www.shopbando.com/blog/post/a-fine-frenzy.aspx


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