Wednesday, 23 March 2011

gosh, how shellfish*

*my bad

I knew there was a reason I could never be Queen.

According to Yahoo! (ha my apologies, don't send traffic to them!) Indeed I shall also now use the excitingly tenuous word apparently! British royals are never served crustacea for fear of poisoning. Although what's a little hepatitis A between friends?

I am sure I have seen cookery programmes in the past deal with the whole shellfish intricacies.

A life without prawns would be a life without meaning. (Sorry Bean but if you do somehow become Royalty via a King Ralph style mishap at the Royal wedding we may have to get divorced!)


  1. ha! i'm not big on crustaceans in the first place, but what a weird rule!

  2. I think the only word to match my reaction to the last paragraph of this post is guffaw. There. Never though you'd see that in a blog comment did you? I salute you, Anna x

  3. strange! I do love all fishy types so I would be very sad to give nay of them up


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