Thursday, 31 March 2011

the any campaign.

How have I not written about this before? It is something I feel incredibly passionate about.

If you haven't heard of this before, welcome to the Any Campaign. Masterminded by the wonderful Tino and Pip!

If you don't know already whilst we are free to marry almost anyone in the England and Wales we are not free to marry anywhere. Whilst England and Wales* is relatively forward thinking in its views towards gay marriage it is incredibly strict in relation to when and where.

The wretched law states (and has stated since 1837) that one must be married under a roof with moored foundations and this must take place between the hours of 8am and 6pm. Yes, I understand that back in 1837 there was a risk of not knowing who you were about to marry for the electric light was yet to be invented but do these laws really still apply to 2011 (or even 1911?).

I'll be the first to admit I was hardly a wedding dreamer as a child but if my thoughts ever turned to a wedding I did want to be the girl to marry in a field of wild flowers. (although I would take a dappled wood carpeted with bluebells**). I have dreams of drift planting fields when I grow old and pretend to be Miss Marple. Oh and to be by the sea at sunrise or sunset would have been a bonus. I most definitely did not dream of a soulless room with a faceless registrar.*** 

Why must this archaic rule be perpetuated. It would seem the only reason to not change the law is parliamentary red tape and stubbornness? There were plans afoot to change things but they seem to have ground to a halt. Why is so hard to understand I would have loved one of my closest friends or even my sister to have married us. To know, to trust, to love the person that is performing such a glorious rite would be beyond comparison. I know my sister would have crafted the most beautiful words into wondrous prose. Yes we could have married across the border (a mere 30 miles away) but I fear my mother would have disowned me. How I wish I could have convinced her. It was hard enough to convince her Northumberland was viable. 

Yet it still saddens me that I could not get married in my parent's back garden or in the middle of sand dunes in Northumberland (if you ever make it up to Bamburgh you must frolic in the dunes, beautiful!) Can you imagine how incredible it would have been to be married outside in the snow? A feeling I would have never forgotten. 

So I ask you, nay urge you to sign this petition. I cannot believe it has not made it too 1000 signatures already. I signed it so very long ago and I am truly shocked that that so few people have signed up. Please. If not for yourself, for all those beautiful and meaningful weddings that could be.

How I wish I could have married with my cats (well they are really my brother and sister) at my side**** surrounded with trinkets of my childhood in the tiny woodland in which careered through as a child.*****

Come on, make my day sign the petition xxx

P.S. If it manages to get to 1000***** signatures I will show you something incredibly exciting. I promise.  (Well more than just show you, it's hard to explain!)

*Scotland is lucky for it is the person who is licensed to marry and can do so almost anywhere whereas in England and Wales crazily the room also needs to be licensed.
**Love bluebells - are you on bluebell watch?
***We got very lucky with ours.
****Or at least in the house somewhere - they would most likely be hiding with food!
*****It would appear I need more than 2 weddings!
******1000 are needed before it can be presented to government.*******
*******Sorry for the numerous asterisks!


  1. I totally agree with you on this one Anna, it is so unfair we can't all skip through the bluebell woods with flowers in our hair.

    I look on in envy at our US and Oz counterparts at their fab backyard weddings and granted they do have awesome weather but we have the most beautiful rural countryside and we should be allowed to take advantage of it. I signed the petition ages ago and hope they do get more signatures soon.

    Great post x

  2. I signed ages ago as well and i can't believe they still haven't got 1000 people signed!

    I would love to be married out side all those beautiful weddings you see on American blogs Budget, DIY, outside, beautifulness that we can't have because of out dated laws makes me so mad!

    Great Post Anna and amazing that you have more people signing up.


  3. Well said Anna my dear. I think what Tino and Pip are doing is AMAZING. I too cannot believe they haven't got 1000 signatures. Come on people sign sign sign!

  4. I would sign, but I have a feeling the government there would not care about the thoughts of a U.S. citizen. Hope you guys get the signatures you need!

  5. You're right, the feeling of getting married in the snow outside would have been unforgettable - hypothermia! But then I think of Phoebe in Friends and even though she was freezing her ass off she didn't care.... Anyway, I digress. Duly signed. Thanks for reminding us all to do it!


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