Thursday, 31 March 2011

anna wants to go a wandering

A couple of days ago I found out a secret. One very exciting secret. A secret I am too afraid to divulge lest the secret be found out. The interwebs are a very incestuous place. Well you knew that.

What I can say is that this secret was mind blowingly awesome. A crazy amazing life changing decision. One that I am in awe of. Oh the secret is indeed in the realms of "shock and awe.*"

Yet, why am I blathering on about this? Why am I running the risk of my blabbermouth ruining this confidence. Well I have a certain amount of wanderlust. I'm not working (although I am looking to work - I fear my past/present is a certain barrier**) and I am due a certain amount of money (bloody editorial review boards) for work I completed in July 2009. Indeed this money could be put to other good uses however life is short and I have an idea for a potentially rather life altering experience. I have only traveled to the fair shores of America once before (save a LAX transit) and well that is just not enough for a girl who loves so many of its wonderful citizens and wares.

This is where you, delightful readers, although I would rather call you friends, come in. I seriously would love to spend some time across the Pond. After tweeting with a few of you it became apparent*** I could maybe find a sofa or a floor in many wonderful places across the US. Across the great of the US of A with you? Is this idea even viable? I have no idea? 

1. Flights (both national and international) are currently rather pricey
2. Can I sit on a bus for hour upon hour?
3. Most importantly have I ingratiated myself into sufficient hearts to sofa surf for a month or two? 

What would you do? Would you go for it? Bean says go for it.****

Would you be able to offer me a floor and maybe guide me to the excitement in your town, city or hamlet? Would you like to join me as I try and traverse a good number of the contiguous states? I fear Greyhounds do not make it as far as Alaska or Hawaii.

Oh perhaps I should sell myself. I am a rather lovely and potentially rather lively young lady who would bring a fabulous hat and a certain British joie de vivre. Crumbs, I'm not very good at selling myself, am I? 

Could you be my guide or shelter?***** Or more accurately please could you be my guide or shelter?

Let me know here or through my email annaandtheringlondon {at} Are you able to make a very lovely girl's dream come true?

Very much love in advance. Oh and of course I would welcome you into my home any time in the future. Obviously (London is expensive).

via Crate DIY - love!

*Oh but not in the way that this said person is going to start bombing places.
**Rejection is a bitch.
***Because you are lovely and kind and incredibly generous.
****Although this may be because he thinks this idea will not get off these little pages.
*****That does sound like a hymn.


  1. OMG do it do it do it! Horrid old cliche alert!!! but You only do live once...go for it! Will look forward to all the even more amazing blogs from a lovely lady!

  2. If I had the money you would have a buddy coming with you lol I'd love to do this you can't pass this up! (well you can but I would be a little mad at you lol)

    how amazing it would be and how would people not want you as a house guest

    go Annna go! then come back and tell me all your wonderful tales!


  3. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  4. Anna, this is a truly fabulous idea. You should do it - it sounds like now is the perfect time, and like you've thought about this enough that you might feel really disappointed if you don't. And best of all, Bean thinks you should! It will be an amazing adventure. Do it!

    P.s Always happy to lend my flight-searching skills should you require them!

  5. And, just to clarify, I have met Miss Anna and the ring personally and I can vouch for the fact that a) she is not a mass-murdering psycho b) she is not a pervy old man c) she's a lovely pretty young lady d) she's even more hilarious in real life and e) I'll be lost without her if she goes but I very much hope she does because it sounds awesome.

  6. A resounding HELLS YES.

    Hells yes hells yes hells yes.


  7. Um, you don't know me yet. Hi, I'm Trisha. I'm a big fan of adventure, and meeting people. You're welcome at my place!I'll email you with specifics.


  9. Do it! And when you get to New York City, call me and I'll bring you to some fabulous places! (I'd offer for you to stay with me, and you certainly can, but I live an hour and a half away and it's really not terribly convenient if you want to be in the midst of things.)

  10. Awww lovely! That I think you should do it! Sounds amazing. If it weren't for pesky things like money and a job I would be there with you! Count on my couch in Dallas, Texas! Land of big hair, big shopping, big everything. Don't you know? Everything is bigger in Texas!

  11. Brilliant idea! I'm in Atlanta, GA if you find yourself passing through the world's busiest airport :) got a guest bedroom too!

  12. I agree with Bean- go for it!! Yay, what an experience!!

  13. Errr go for it! If you've got support from Bean and you may have the money and the time to do it then I would, definitely. when I moved to london and was undecided on a career I temped and saved money to go travelling - then met N and dragged him with instead. Just do it - this could change your life forever.

    My brother did couch surfing using this website and said the kind of people who use it are just lovely, maybe try that too?

  14. oh wow miss anna. that is one brave bold move but there ain't many chances you get in life to do such things so make the most of the opportunity you have I say. the world is your oyster. xoxo

  15. Do iiiiit! I can't help in the States, but you'd have a room in Perth, Australia in a heartbeat!

  16. you ALREADY know how i feel about this. consider this a written contract. you are welcome on our couch any day and we will show you...uh...the wonders? of fort worth, texas (it's okay, ha). :)

  17. Do it! You only live once as far as we know, right? So I say why not. Plus money is money. That's why they call it money. In other words, you can always find money to save and money to pay bills with later. You might never find the time to take a trip like that again. Okay, now I would let you stay on my couch if I had room. Sadly, we live in a tiny one bedroom apartment which we are quickly outgrowing and itching to move out of. BUT if you come to Chicago, I think it'd be rad to meet/eat/look at things. : O ) Where would you go if you came stateside?

  18. Do it, do it, do it I say! And then I want to hear all about it too :D


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