Thursday, 24 March 2011

30 rock(s) - hopefully

Twas only a year ago when I first met a certain lovely lady for the first time. I simply cannot believe it has been only 12 months! I hope there are many more years of friendship in our future.

Now I know it is slightly uncouth to mention a lady's age. Yet, she has announced on twitter it is her 30th birthday today so I hope she doesn't mind me mentioning it on here!

Here's to you and the wonderful London Bride*. Thank you for everything. You are simply wondrous.

Happy Birthday beautiful.
 via the wonderful Tarah Coonan, complete with a sliver of my wedding dress!

P.S. I am rubbish and forgot to post your present. It's coming, I promise!

*You must check our her blog - the lady has style!


  1. Oh miss Anna, you are too lovely. My my how a year has flown! You are now a wife and I'm a year older and wiser (maybe). Thank you for the lovely wishes. You've made an old lady very happy ;) xoxo

  2. Very sweet :) Isn't it lovely to have wonderful girl friends!

  3. Go Charley it's your birthday, we're gonna party like it's your birthday...
    (that was me being 50 Cent btw, though I won't sing the rest as it's FILTHY!)

  4. Happy Birthday dear Charley! 30s are very wonderful, so embrace and enjoy xxx

  5. happy birthday! what a lovely photo

  6. Great pic LB! Love Charlie V xx


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