Friday, 4 February 2011

oh february, you are killing me

bye bye Phoebe and Rae*
Such gorgeousness. I will miss you. (I really wanted to keep them. They are special ones.)

Alas life must go on. (Sob).

You may have heard that I am without job currently. So finances are incredibly tight. So with sadness we must give up our little flat and move back to my parent's home (assuming we can re-let - the flat is uber cute and in West London if anyone is looking?!). This has all happened in the past 24 hours so things are a little crazy. 

My parents want to to move to France as soon as possible but the market is rubbish and if we can cover their mortgage (far less than our rent!) they can move sooner rather than later. Which is what they really want and they deserve to retire and enjoy themselves. (Also I totally want to be able to visit them and drink wine and dance in the pretty garden!).

So Bean is going to pick up a van so we can move our big furniture this weekend. Why do we have so much stuff? I must edit, edit, edit!

Also just because I don't have a job doesn't mean that I am not busy. I have old book projects which are still open and need to be submitted before the end of February. (Must focus - yet they are so dull!). I have job assessment days next week (completely scary I have no idea what to expect).** I also have other meetings about career and the life. Also there are a few other exciting events next week which I know I could miss but I really don't want to! Also, also, also.

Oh yes, then we are having a little party! So whilst moving I need to practise baking (because I want to wow my lovely guests), help prettify my parent's home, clean and tidy for the house guests and maybe work out how to do a photobooth without a super camera***

To some of you I am sure this is nothing but for me, crap monkeys! Any help or thoughts, yes please!

*I completely did not think about the Friends reference until Bean mentioned, I promise.
**Any thoughts about these scary tests?!
***Totally could do with help here - I don't need people to see the prints on the day. I just want people to go off and have a crazy, cool space to play!


  1. Love the sound of the photobooth, Anna. Good luck with the move, what a week you have in front of you! x

  2. Oh Anna darling. My thoughts are with you. Such a big move in a short amount of time! Best of luck! Editing is really helpful though.

    I know you will find something amazing and do great things in your career. Give it some time.

    **Hugs** from across the pond.

  3. Sorry to hear you are out of work, but pleased you had the option of moving to save some money. I'm sure a great opportunity will come your way. My tip for the party is just to make it as stress-free as possible! I'm always paying attention to the detail and totally stressing myself out!

  4. Aww chick I'm sorry about that. Keep focusing on the positive, this isn't a step back its a step towards making the life you both want.

  5. Anna, hanging out with you & Bean and do some celebrating will be more than wow enough so no need to stress on the party.

    On everything else... that is a huge amount to take in in 24 hrs! A huge hug. It sounds stressful but like it will all work out in the end. Sometimes you have to reshuffle stuff to get to where you want. (We moved 3 times in 2 months at one point... us and the two cats!)

    Just remember to breathe xx

    p.s. being meaning to give my instamax an airing so she could do some photoboothing?

  6. Oh I have missed thee! I am sorry to hear you are out of work but it was via unemployment that various amazing opportunities opened up that I would not have been able to take advantage of otherwise. So chin up. We shall prevail! ;)

  7. oh, anna...i'm positive you'll do wonderful on your tests. february is a tough month...i feel the same way about september...just transitional phases that are hard to handle.

    if you need an ear...

  8. I think all this change will bring something positive to you Anna. It was with moving home to my parents that my life turned around, I hope the same applies to you xxx

  9. Fingers crossed for you, I definitely understand the awfulness of being in limbo for so long.

  10. Yikes, that's too much for one lady. I'm sure you will manage admirably though. And yay for a move into a big shiny house with A GARDEN!! And for parents moving to France, Nye's did that a year ago and are having the most wonderful time. As will we when we go to visit in September. Oh, and they bring us wine when they come to visit, score!

  11. All the best with the move, Anna! I'm currently looking for work too and it is not the most enjoyable thing in the current market but keeping yourself busy definitely helps.

  12. oh how I wish I could party with you! please know I will be there in spirit, raising a glass to you and cheering you on from the states!

  13. Wish I could give you a hug! Sounds like so much to manage but also sounds like things are going in a good direction - new career posibilities, cheaper living arrangements and a fun party! How about a Fuji Instax Mini camera? They're pretty cheap and the photos come out beautifully xx

  14. So you have to get rid of your kitties? That's a bummer. Are you going to get them back after or is that that? Things will work out soon enough. Just think about what the abbess said to Maria in The Sound of Music, whenever the big man upstairs (or whomever you aspire some belief to) closes a door, he always opens a window...even if it's at your parents' place. : O )


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