Monday, 7 February 2011

help a sister out xxxx

Just a heads up that I won't be around for a couple of weeks (please no tears) but before I go....

Now I know I only have a small space in the wedding world (at the moment *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*) but I would love for you to do something for me.

Sarah, of San Francisco Budget Wedding, is a finalist in a competition to win her wedding photography from Thirty Something Bride by Carissa of Dulce Photography. Her story is one of love, maybe a little fate, a little sadness but ultimately joy. It would make me so happy if she could take a moment to help a lady out.

Please kindly VOTE HERE

I also heart Louise from Thirty Something Bride. She is all shades of awesome! Her unfake wedding series makes me very happy.

If you want to know a little more, you can read a little more below, 

I humbly offer you,

(Sarah, I hope you know I think I have found a friend for life in you)

She is so eloquently wise. I mean just read her beautiful words below.
"What is your definition of “marriage?”
I think of marriage as a romantic partnership and the most intimate family.  We fill many roles within our relationship:  lovers, partners, best friend, coparent, sounding board, life raft and sometimes cattle prod.  While many other people can also fill some of these needs, only one person in my life has ever managed to be all of them, and that person is Tony.  A few months ago, a friend of mine asked me to write something about what a wedding means to me, and this is what I had to say: In my mind, except in the strictest legal sense, we already are married.  We live together; we love one another.  He is a wonderful stepfather to my two children, who adore him.  We split up the chores and have our disagreements.   Under these circumstances, what does the wedding mean to me? To me, it is an end to limbo and the beginning of the next phase of my life.  I realize this sounds unromantic, but, you see, I don’t think a wedding is particularly romantic.  Our relationship is romantic.  Romance was our Meet Cute, when a 17-year-old Tony shyly and slyly waited until I was standing alone in an empty hallway to introduce himself to my 14-year-old self.  Romance was our reunion some 22 years later, when we spent four hours sitting on the beach with our foreheads pressed together holding hands, smiling and kissing.  Romance was the proposal, when he sat me down on our rumpled bed and told me that I was all the birthday present he wanted.  Romance was the first time he whispered against my ear (I could feel his smile) how much he loves my children.  But the wedding is about fun, family, and yes, work.  “When is Tony going to be my step-dad?” my daughter asked me the other day. “At the wedding next summer, it will be legal, but he’s already your step-dad,” I told her.  “But not for real,” she told me. “Not until the wedding.”  As usually happens when Bean and I talk, her plain wisdom struck me as infinitely true.  The wedding, then, is when our family becomes Real in that same way that the Velveteen Rabbit became Real.  Our marriage, though, it began as soon as we gave ourselves into each other’s safe keeping.


  1. Oh, thank you, thank you! I never enter contests, and I'm so ridiculously nervous about this for some reason. It's like the worst sort of eBay bidding I can imagine (and I can't even swoop in at the last 30 seconds to win, either).

    If your readers are so inclined, I would very much appreciate their votes.

    (Also, I consider you a friend for life, too.)

  2. Beautifully put Sarah, I think alot of people have different reasons for getting married and its lovely that you have shared yours! Good luck to you in the competition!

  3. Oh, Anna! Thank you so much for posting this! I must remain impartial regarding the finalists and voting, of course, but I have a strong, secret desire for a certain someone to win. :)

    Anna - you just fucking rock. Period.

  4. I need a "like" button I can press about a thousand times. Oh well, guess the voting button still works.

  5. I did, for SURE. Absolutely hoping they WIN WIN WIN.

  6. i'll miss you! thank you again for sweet and thoughtful emails. you are such a wonderful person & I'm so happy to have 'met' you!


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