Wednesday, 26 January 2011

snow much fun*

*yes I am that loser!

This time two months ago. T'was the day before, the day.

I was full of excitement for snow. I still loved snow!**

Thank you Mr Tinker for your body and Descartes for the photos!
and thank you Cate for introducing me to the excitement!

**Would you like to hear a little more about snow and see some sneaky new pictures tomorrow?


  1. I still love snow although right now am longing for that warm skin the the sun feeling...

  2. this is awesome...i LOVE snow, and HECK yes, more photos, more snow.

  3. Erm what do you think?! (that's a yes please!) x

  4. Love the animation!

    Yes let's hear more about snow and see new pictures. Since when did you think I wouldn't want to see new pictures?

  5. Thanks for introducing me to the animated gif thing! I've just used it for my first look photos! Would love to see more of yours.


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